Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hate Sand? Let Sandgone Help Review

Paige can tell you I HATE sand! HATE it! I stay away from the beach, and playgrounds with sand because it gets in and on you and then its a big mess and pain all day.

So how cool is it that there is now a Sandgone! Its a really simple idea just take the Sandgone and powder the spot on which you have sand, then sand then falls off.

I took my son Joshua then placed the sand (which they provide so you can test right away) on him I did it wet and dry both times the sand just came right off! I love this product I would call it a new must have for diaper bags. 

You can order your own Sandgone here for only $12.95 plus shipping. Sandgone has a great after smell of coconut, I love it I keep grabbing my kids and smelling them lol. Best thing is that when the sand falls off you no longer have that sticky feeling left over from ocean waters.

I have now ventured to more playgrounds because of Sandgone and who knows maybe now I will make a trip to the beach.

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