Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vitalicious VitaTops Review

I have been seeing Vitalicious VitaTops in my grocery stores freezer section for a while now, and I decided to give them a try. 

New SuperSampler

I was looking for something I could eat when I take the kids to the park for their PE time (homeschooling) . 

I know that when we go to the park, or for nature walks, I always end up hungry when we get back to the car, and my first thought is "mcdonalds", but I know that's really bad for me and the kids. 

So this is where Vitalicious comes in. I want a healthy morning snack that I can eat on the go.

Each VitaTop has only 100 calories and 15 vitamins and minerals!
They are also high in fiber which is great because that means it will keep you fuller for longer. 

CranBran VitaMuffins (16 Muffins)

The first day I decided to try the Cran Bran, which I found to be very good. They do taste healthy, you're not getting a full of fat bakery muffin here, which is exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to eat something again that I would feel guilty about. 

I gave Xander and Riley both a half of a Deep Chocolate Vita Top and they both thought it was great (yay!). 

Deep Chocolate VitaTops (24 Muffin Tops)

On the way home, they were not begging for mcdonalds, and they didn't panic in the half hour or so it took me to make lunch because they were fuller from the Vita Top. 

We also tried the Vita Cakes which were great as well, it's definitely like having a great dessert without all the guilt. 

You can find all the varieties I tried and more at your local grocery store or you can order a sampler pack here


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  1. We loved these at home!! Of course my favorite is the chocolate VitaTops! :D