Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Stonz Booties Review

My daughter Elizabeth has a shoe fetish, which what girl doesn't! So, how cool was it to get something new that I have never seen before for her.

Stonz are a bootie which you place on your child's feet keeping them safe and dry from all elements the world has to offer.

I love the Stonz Booties. I let my kids go barefoot when they were learning to walk and *wow* people flip out about it! But, lets face it we all have better balance when we are barefoot so why not learn that way. Stonz booties are lightweight and flexible which allows for your child to have that barefoot feel but be safe from cold, wet, or painful feet! The Stonz booties are linen with a soft fleece keeping your child's feet nice and toasty. The bottoms are non slip soles which keep your child on the ground rather then their butt from slipping on a wet, snowed rock.

Each Stonz bootie has a adjustable strap around the neck of the bootie which allows you to tighten or loosen as needed to keep your child's foot in place of the shoe. I love all the options I had to pick from they have 10 designs for girls and 8 for boys all are super cute so I had Elizabeth pick her pair.

Sizes are as follows Small 0-9ms, Medium 6-18ms, Large 1-2.5 years and finally XL which fits a 2-3 year old. Elizabeth just turned 3 and they fit her great! We tested them at "Celebration's Snow Fall" which yes it never snows in Florida so its basically soap suds on a brick path which makes for a wet mess! She and the Stonz booties held up great! I am a clean freak in some things so of course I wanted to wash the Stonz and once again I washed them air dried and they came out like new.

Stonz also has other products to purchase like heavy duty mittz for both toddler and infant, hats and rain boots which this is what I need for FL since it rains often. You can purchase any of these great items here, prices are around $39.99 for what I have reviewed and $23.99 to $35.99. Each purchase comes in a reusable bag. I love Elizabeth's Stonz Booties and love that I will be able to pass them on to Sarah when she gets older.

 Disclosure: I was given A pair of Stonz Booties to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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