Thursday, January 17, 2013

Picture Keeper Review

If anyone out there knows how heartbreaking it is to lose pictures, it's a mother. 

Casey and I have both had pictures lost, in fact, Casey has no pictures of her son Joshua before the age of 2 months because her computer crashed and she lost everything. 

Since then, she and I have both been using disks to save our pictures, and let me tell you we both have ALOT of disks. 

Then I found out about Picture Keeper which is a flash drive that all you have to do is plug in to your USB port and the Picture Keeper does the rest!

I have some photos to show you how easy the process is. 

Step 1: This is the Picture Keeper

Step 2: Take the cover off

Step 3: Insert into USB Drive

Step 4: Picture Keeper finds your pictures


Step 5: Backup Complete


That's it! Everything is automatic and now you have all your pictures on ONE drive and they can be viewed over and over again or saved in a safe place. 

You can purchase Picture Keeper here.

Prices start at:

$29.99 for up to 4000 photos
$59.99 for up to 8,000 photos
$99.99 for up to 16,000 photos
$169.99 for up to 250,000 photos

Think about it, most of us probably don't take 4000 pictures a year, so for $29.99 you have the knowing that your pictures are safe, I know I am THRILLED with mine!

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  1. i burn all my pictures onto a cd and label them. This too looks like an efficient way to organize and save photos. Thanks for sharing.