Friday, January 11, 2013

Jovial Gluten Free Foods Review

I absolutely love finding new gluten free products. Having kids that I try to keep GF, for different reasons, part of it being Riley's mild autism and just plain overall good health benefits of keeping wheat out of our diets. 

So, it's always nice to find something Gluten Free that tastes good. 

Let me tell you about Jovial Foods

Fig Fruit Filled Cookie 

These are some of the best looking and tasting gluten free cookies I have found so far. 
First of all, they are soft and chewy, which is unusual as far as GF foods, which are usually hard and crunchy. 

Second, the fig filling is very reminiscent of another popular brand of fig cookie. 

The next item we got to try was this. 


Now, there are alot if different kinds if GF pasta out there, let me explain how this one is different. 
Brown rice pasta was developed for taste and texture FIRST, unlike other brands, where they focis on GF first and taste next, Jovial Foods wanted a pasta that first of all tasted good. The bi-product of that is that it happens to be gluten free. 

Jovial Foods offers other gluten free products, like this one. 

Einkorn Ginger Spice Cookie 
Ginger spice cookies sound delicious!

Most of the Jovial Foods products can be purchased at health food stores atarting at around $3.00, the cookies were around $4 which in comparison to non-GF cookies, that's a pretty good price!

Disclosure: I was given cookies and pasta to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.


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