Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Invict Do it Yourself Pest Control Review

Have you ever moved into a new place only to find bugs?

It happened to us. 

A few months ago, we moved into a new house (not new, but new to us). We had seen the house 2 times before signing the lease, and never saw any signs of trouble, though we didn't think to look in the cupboards. 

A couple of days after we were in the house, Xander saw a bug in the bathroom, and he called me in..I didn't know what it was, it looked like a brown we threw it outside, since I try hard to teach the kids not to kill living things. 
The next day, Xander found another one in the bathroom, and I started to get worried..I looked around for holes in walls near the baseboards and found nothing. This time I decided to keep the bug and let my husband figure out what it was. When he came home from work he saw it and said "That's a cockroach" he lived in New York for 10 years and said they are very common there. 

I googled how to get rid of them and found out that they are not easy at all, and most suggested to call a professional. So, my next call was to a major pest control company who said that it would be $167 on the first visit and $100 every other month after that. 

They also told me there is no guarantee. That once a house has cockroaches, the house will always have them, and the only thing you can do is have pest control come out to keep them under control. 

Well, I didn't want to pay the $167, but I didn't want roaches in the house either, so I decided to look up "Do it yourself pest control" and found out they sell the same bait that the high cost pest control companies use! 

I received a 5 pack of "Invict"

Invict Gold Roach Gel -300 gr
Which is a gel bait that you place anywhere you see roach droppings. 

Let me tell you, in my bathroom by the time I got the bait, I was seeing 10-15 roaches at a time! I used the bait the day it arrived, and the next day I saw 3 roaches at a time and within a week, I saw 0! NONE! 

You have to reapply the Invict after 2 weeks to stop the breeding cycle, but I think I have conquered the roach problem in the bathroom, all for $39.50. 

Do Your Own Pest Control  also has baits and traps for all other kids of insects including ants, bedbugs, fleas and rodents. 
So don't pay $167 like I almost did, check out how to do it yourself first!


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