Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Glass Dharma Reuseable Straws Review and Giveaway

When you have 7 kids, you go through alot of straws. And, since Casey and I are trying to be more "green" this year we decided to check out some other options. We came across this site called Glass Dharma.

They have the "original" glass straws. 
If you're like me, you're thinking..glass straws...kids..not a good mix. Well, I can tell you from using these straws they are durable, they are not for toddlers, no. But for older kids (around 5 and up) they work great. 

One of Casey's biggest concerns about these straws, and the main reason why she won't use refillable cups at most theme parks is because she worries about mold and mildew in the straw where you can't see it, she says you can never get the straw 100% clean. 

With Glass Dharma reuseable straws you can also get a cleaning brush which works great, I feel totally confident that they are clean. 

Sets of 4 straws and one cleaning brush start at about $28, which when you compare that to the boxes and boxes of straws and the pounds of wasted straws each year, it's a great investment. 

Glass Dharma also offers a guarantee, they are not suggesting that you purposely break the straws, but if you happen to, by accident, they will send you a replacement (though you must send back the broken straw at your own cost.

Personally, my favorite thing about the straws is that I am a big drinker, like when I drink a glass of water, I will drink the whole thing in about 10 seconds. Most straws are so small and thin that you can't drink very fast and I usually end up tossing the straw in the trash so I can drink faster. 

Well Glass Dharma has a variety of straws including this one which is very wide. 

Beautiful Bends

diameter glass straws
They offer straws in different diameters to suit your own needs, my personal favorite is the 14mm bubble tea.

On to the giveaway!

One of our readers is going to win a $25 gift code to http://www.glassdharma.com

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Disclosure: I was given Glass Dharma Straws to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I do buy straws...I drink iced tea all day long, unless I am drinking hot tea or coffee... never anything else. I figure it can't be that bad because I don't use sugar or sweeteners of any kind...but I hate that I could be staining my teeth so I always use a straw :) I had some stainless steel straws but I got creeped out by not being able to really tell how clean they were...lol :)

  2. Haven't purchased straws in awhile due to trying to stay away from plastic. These straws would be great!

  3. Yes, we buy them a lot. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  4. I do, I have very sensitive teeth so I have to drink out of straws. I have to get some of these!
    Thank you