Friday, January 11, 2013

Gifts for a Baby Shower something different

So lots of my friends and even family are due with their first baby. Now, myself I have had the 5 kids so I have had a baby shower and attended many and what is it most people buy? Clothes and diapers. Yes it's all great but lets face it babies grow fast so most of the clothing might not ever get worn, and same for diapers they can only be a size 1 for so long.

I have started to give the gifts that you might not ever think of and things that I would have liked to get when I had my own shower.

Pads, yes pads. Really we go 9 months without using them and it becomes an out of sight out of mind thing so when you get home you have nothing to use which last thing you want do is run to a store and buy some, right? So I figure this makes a great gift.

Razors. Hello? When you're that big your legs kind of go to the back burner so once baby is out of the way its nice to feel groomed again.

Sports bras, the ones that are like size 34, 36, 38 the 3 pack of fruit of the loom are great. Not only do you get great support but it works with you so while your boobs are getting bigger and smaller the sports bra can keep up with the change. Also they are the best nursing bras unlike a nursing bra they stay in place without having to get a clasp off and find the hole.

Nursing Pads, no matter who you are you leak and they are a lifesaver of clothing.

Cute fluffy socks with the skid proof sole, these are great for at the hospital they keep you warm and you can walk around without busting your butt.

Stretchy like a microfiber panties they will also do like the sports bra shrink and expand as your butt will do. :-)

Bubble bath, after all that work of having a baby you need "you" time so why not a nice bubble bath which can be used on the baby once you have had your fill.

If you wanna get clothes that's great. Believe me I love the clothes but like I said they grow out of them fast so think ahead buy like a 12 month outfit because you can guarantee that they will be used. Same with diapers buy a size 2 or 3 because everyone will cover the size newborn and size 1.

I hope this brings a new light to the normal baby shower gifts.

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