Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gfreely Monthly Gluten Free Box Review

Having a kid or kids who shouldn't eat gluten can be a pain. One of the main things I am always looking for is GF snacks. It's pretty easy to make a meal gluten free..we usually  have chicken, potatoes and a vegetable or problem there, but what happens when you have a child who wants a snack at 3:30 on a tuesday and it has to contain no gluten? 

My kids are SO over the staples...they want variety, and I do too..but I don't always want to go buy a whole box of a product that may or may not taste good. 

That's where the GFreely box comes in. 

For $19 a month, you get a box FULL of gluten free goodies. 
Mine had 9 products, and out of 9, I would definitely buy 7 of them again. 

This is an idea of what's in one of the boxes

Gluten Free Snacks  An awesome mix of snacks, flours and soups...and the guarantee that every month will contain new items to try. 

I really loved my box, for $19 I will be ordering again! 

You can sign up or get more information here

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