Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tutu Loopy Fairy Dress Review

What's after winter? Spring! What a cute way to start it off with your daughter dressed in the cutest spring fairy dress! The dress I received is a Blue Garden Fairy Dress. It's very cute. It comes with wings which can be placed on your daughter like a backpack they just slide on. I first placed the dress on Elizabeth and she loved it and ran around the yard and played with her wings like she could fly! It was a bit tight on her so I figured "hey why not try it on Sarah" which I loved it on Sarah. The dress on Elizabeth was at her knees and then tight in the chest, but on Sarah it was a little loose and was to her feet, very very cute! I can't wait until its a perfect fit on Sarah, which should be in the spring.

At Tutu Loopy on Esty the owner Kimberly makes all kinds of gorgeous tutus. There is the one I mentioned above, then she has a huge amount of winter/Holiday tutu's like the one above. Kimberly has made a tutu for every occasion, with more to come. Tutu Loopy has even a cute Tutu Wreath talk about something different!

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