Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Twistband a Hair Saver Review

Why Twistband? I am in love with these little bands. I will say at first I was like yay it's a little band that will get lost in no time. I was very wrong about losing and even using! I have 2 daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. Sarah doesn't have much for hair but Elizabeth sure does. Elizabeth's hair is ALWAYS in her face she hates having things in it as most girls her age do, so how great was it to get the Twistband.

I love so much about these simple bands, what makes them a favorite? I used to carry bands in my purse and well after all the stuff that gets thrown in a purse they would collect and become nasty so I would trash them. Then you have where you carry it on your wrist to have big indents in your arm and that you have stretched out the band itself! Ahhhh. So Twistband has come up with a great solution to all this, they have a band which can be placed in the hair and it does not move once in, and does not leave a dent on your arm because its smooth and soft putting the right pressure spread out over the arm so it won't cut in.

Twistband also carries headbands, which I love that I was able to place both on Elizabeth and Sarah's head and it never once moved! Shoe laces which stretch and hold tight great for kids shoes, which they come in fun colors as well! I love the Twistband because when you have a baby with fine hair it is very hard to find something that will stay in place and Twistband does the job! Thank you Twistband!

Disclosure: I was given twistband to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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