Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Journey towards working out with the Journey Gym

Wow! I get to record this! Talk about motivation lol.

Put someone on a video camera with them feeling a little, well.. unhappy about their looks and see if that helps them to lose weight.

I am Casey and I have 5 kids!

When I started having kids I was only 110lbs. I am 5'7" and now weigh 168lbs.
My stats are as follows: Waist is 38" and then my hips are 44".

I am not wanting to get back to 110lb I think that would be a very unhealthy weight, but I am looking to lose about 20-30lbs and be at 130-140. I think this weight would look good and healthy on me.

I want to do this program because I like how it only takes 20 minutes a day and I don't have to go to a gym. It's all pleasantly in my own home on MY TIME!

I am looking to make my self more healthy in losing the baby weight and hoping to get more energy to keep up with my kids.

Please wish me luck in this 2-3 month Journey that I will be taking along with video oh gosh. : ) Let's do this!

If you cannot tell I am horribly embarrassed lol, it will get better I hope : )

Wanna try Journey Gym with me you can purchase your own here>

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