Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hazards of the Holiday Season

Holiday Hazards Infographic
The holidays can be the best time of year to be a parent. Families come together, celebrate the season, and you should have plenty of opportunities to show off your precious children. The joy of Santa Claus and surprising young children with gifts can be some of the most fun you'll have all year. But the holidays aren't all fun and games. Holiday hazards — from stress to tree fires to overeating — are everywhere this season, and it's your job to minimize risk of mishaps before they happen.

Each year, emergency rooms and hospitals are crowded near the holidays with injuries from holiday decorating. Cuts, burns, and broken bones are common this time of year, and children could be especially at risk. Christmas trees cause about 300 house fires each year, as well, costing a net yearly sum of $13 million. Menorahs and other holiday decorations can also start fires, as candle burns and hazardous fires skyrocket this time of year. Driving can be especially stressful, especially with young children in the car. And on New Year's day, you've got a much higher chance of having an accident than on any other day of the year. Holiday stress of budgets, gifting, and overeating can also put a damper on your holiday fun. Your best bet is to plan ahead, explain possible hazards to children, and make sure everyone stays as safe and calm as possible. Whether you're decking the halls or feeling like a Grinch, concentrate on holiday safety for the entire

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