Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweepstakes Ninja Review

Before I became a blogger, I spent a lot of time entering other sweepstakes. 
 I would say I got the "sweeping bug" back in 2002 when I entered an instant win contest from Old El Paso products and won a barbeque grill. 
Since then, I was hooked. 
I have won many things in the last 10 years. 
Appliances, Trips, Cash..lots of small things too. 
I probably spent about 4 hours a day entering sweepstakes, that's a lot of time!

Then, one day I came across this website called 
The site claimed to enter your information into giveaway forms online, all with 1 click. 
I was suspicious, I have to admit..
I decided to give it a shot, I paid the $29 for one month and gave it a go, what can it hurt? All I am out is my $29, and if I win something, I make it back. 

After about a week of using the program I got an email that I won this. 


Here is the email that I got from

CONGRATULATIONS! You've won a SheKnows Giveaway. You have won the The Power of Habit
giveaway. Before we can ship your prize, we need to process some basic information for legal purposes.  

After that win, I decided it was definitely worth my money. 

A few weeks after that I got this email. 

Express wants to let you know that you are the lucky winner of
our 30 Days of Gifting Sweepstakes!

Congratulations! You are one of our Express 30 Days of Gifting sweepstakes winners and have won a $50 Express GiftCard!

I plan to pay for the full year in February when I can afford it.

You load your information one time into the system, and daily you log in and click a button, and watch the entries start going, I love it, and will always be a member. 
It's so much easier than the old way of typing every entry out by hand, plus at Sweepstakes Ninja, they find the sweeps for you! I used to spend hours looking for sweepstakes to enter!

You can read other testimonials, and purchase your 1 month for $29 or 1 year for $249 here. 


  1. paige,
    its been a couple months. how is your experience going ? :)
    win anything else? :)

  2. Waiting to hear more reviews, would be interesting to try.

  3. I have been using the software for almost 3 years. I have won a full expense paid trip to NYC and I mean all expenses paid. My wife won a nice trip to Lexington Ky too. I have won many many things and it seems something is always 'just showing up' at the front door.

    Now the down side.

    It does a miserable job in entering even the simple sweepstakes forms consistently and in almost 50% of the time it fails due to missing the birthday fields, email fields and the state field. These problems are all in the section of the software that enters forms you have copied into the software yourself.

    I will continue to use the software but I would change in an instant if there was a competing software that did a better job. The author and owner seems much more interested in putting in things you have to pay more for rather than fixing long existing form filler problems.

  4. I had sweepstakes ninja for 6 months. I didn't win anything. On the last payment I made, I was charged $182 in additional fees. My card was compromised and I had to cut it up.

  5. I found this review by looking at various newsletters and was considering Ninja...I currently use OLS and i love...would love to hear other opinions...thanks

  6. Problems are all in the section of the software that enters forms you have copied into the software yourself, but the ~500-ish sweeps on the main page go through successfully most of the time. I've won 6 (~$50) prizes in 11 months. Still holding my breath for a big win! I don't think the credit card payer's extra charges went to SN, but likely his own bank. Or was that an early termination fee? Might as well have kept using it for the full year. I paid $250 for a whole year and made back a little more than my investment - so I plan to renew for another year. Still holding my breath for a big win!