Friday, December 21, 2012

Robby Wash Washing Ball Review and Giveaway

12 months of detergent in one little ball??? Yes, that is correct! 12 months worth of  laundry detergent! I love it. What is it? It is Robby Wash the best, newest, and latest way to wash laundry!

How does it work? I was a skeptic. I mean really, throw a ball in and it washes your clothes? That's it? Yeah that's all. I was shocked. I have to do laundry everyday, and it's a huge pain. No one I know likes laundry, but with the Robby Washing Ball it's now a little easier. For the people who use liquid detergent, you put it in your wash and now have a runny lid to place back on the bottle, which now the bottle leaks, so you're now sticky. Then you have the other people who use powered detergent which spills, or my favorite you get all your clothes in then realize you didn't put the power at the bottom.

This little ball is about 2 inches in circumference and all you do is throw it in. That's it! Simple right? While washing, it's moving around little beads that have a nice fresh linen scent to them so your clothes come out smelling great. The balls in the wash ball get moved around which rub off the right amount of detergent you need to have clean clothes. Once your wash has completed its cycle just pull the ball out and place it in a dry area so it gets the best air so the balls inside can dry, and be ready for the next cycle.

Each Robby Washing Ball comes with 3 refills and 1 is already placed and ready to go when you receive your ball.  Robby recommends not trying to wash more than 10lbs of clothing in each load, for the best results. That is a lot of clothes. Along with the 3 refills the Robby Wash also includes a stain remover stick which is small enough that you can take along with you when out so you can attack a stain while on the run. Since there are 3 refills along with 1 in the ball you should change out the balls every 3 months. I was very pleased with this product it has made my life a little easier and I will be buying more because it has saved me a bunch of money.

One reader will win their own Robby Washing Ball, please fill out the rafflecopter below contest ends 1-12-13. Open to U.S. residents only.
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Disclosure: I was given a Robby Washing Ball  to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I have one of these and LOVE IT!!! I cant believe how great this works and how long it lasts. Whoever wins this is going to be SO HAPPY!!!!