Thursday, December 20, 2012

Redbubble Review

I have always liked to support artists. Since art is so powerful in our home, we teach our children to be very diverse, and to help their love of all kinds of art, from sculpture, to print, to mixed media..we enjoy it all. 

That's one reason why I was so excited to find

At they have artists from all over the world creating all different kinds of art that they then put on clothing, accessories, cell phone cases, or you can even buy them as prints. 

I was really inspired by this piece called 3 Sp00ns and a Moon.
3 Sp00ns and a Moon by paragonnova 

It reminds me of the zombies in minecraft, which made my kids very happy, and I get to stay "cool"

I ordered this in a hoodie, but it's also available in T shirts (including girl fit) in sizes from small to 3XL. 
3 Sp00ns and a Moon by paragonnova

The hoodie is priced at $50.72 and is very soft and comfortable. 

These are some of my favorite other pieces from

If you are an artist and have an idea for a RedBubble product, you can submit it here.

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