Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mr Beams Motion Activated Step Lights Review

I work nights and when I come home I am always cautious when coming up to my door, because we have all kinds of animals that make themselves at home. When I was little my dad had me on his shoulders and we came up to our porch just to put me face to face with a snake! Fun......

No more worries for me or a repeat with my kids, because I was able to try out motion sensor lights by Mr Beams! The lights come in 2 packs which can be placed any way or how you wish.

They come in 3 parts; the stake, stick and light.

The light part can be placed on the stick or can be hung up on a wall or something that holds nails. Each light takes 3 C batteries which are placed in the back of the light and tightened down with a screw.

The screws are also nice because you can use anything flat like a coin, flat head or even your finger nail! You can purchase the lights from Mr Beams.

I placed my lights at the entry way to my front door and now when I come to the door I have a bright light which lights up the whole entrance way. No more scares for me! Each light, lights up within seconds of anything passing in front of the motion sensor and lasts for about a full 2 minutes before turning off.

Being that it's Christmas time, we have a porch full of Christmas lights. So I have moved the lights around to the back of my house by the pool area so if anyone is moving around back there I will know (the house next door had been broken into about 2 months ago) its nice to have a little piece of mind.
Motion-Sensing Path Lights - Set of 2 (MB572)

What I also love about the lights is how I said that the light can be hung off anything that has a screw to hold in place, well this means you can move the light where you need it. So if you come home and drop something on the way just simply remove the light from its stick and take it with you as a flash light. I love my lights and am very happy to not be worried on what is waiting for me, or my family.

Mr Beams has all kinds of lights to fit your lighting needs, they have the step lights which I reviewed, spot lights, indoor motion lights and more.

Remote Control Lights

Disclosure: I was given the step lights to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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