Friday, December 14, 2012

Mavea Water Pitcher Review

In our house, we drink a lot of water. 
We probably go through 10-12 bottles a day, so thinking of investing in a filtering Water Pitcher 
was a good idea for us, not only to save on the plastic, but it's also economical. 

The water pitcher I chose to review was one made by Mavea. I have heard nothing but good things about this company, and wanted to try one for myself. 

I have used the other "b" brand of water filter before, and I have to say that though it looked nice in my refrigerator, the water didn't taste great. 

My kids are really picky about their water, they can tell the difference between spring and distilled. They won't drink it unless it's spring, they just like the way it tastes. 

So when the Mavea pitcher came and I opened it up, they were excited to find out what it did. 

We filled the pitcher up with water and within a few minutes it had gone through the filter. 

I gave them both a cup, and they loved it! I asked them if they could tell the difference and they said no. 

The pitcher has a counter on it that you set when you insert a new filter so that you know exactly when to buy a new one. 

You can purchase the Mavea Water Pitcher at Macy's for about $35.00

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