Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lifesize Portions Review

If you have trouble sticking with a diet because of the restrictions on what you can and can't eat, then I have the product for you! has a program that includes eating whatever you want, as long as you eat the right portion. 
  • NO calorie counting
  • NO hunger anxiety
  • NO pills or powders
  • NO special food to buy
So you want macaroni and cheese for lunch? Go ahead! 
Use your portion cup labeled "C" for carbs, and fill it up 2 times!
It doesn't matter what kind of macaroni and cheese, you don't have to check the box for calorie count, or fat content, just use the right portion size.  

Cereal for breakfast? Sure! Have any kind you like, just use 2 of the "C" cups and 3 of the "D" cups for your milk!
Free foods!
You have many choices when it comes to free foods
  • all fruits
  • all vegetables
  • all vegetable juices, clear vegetable soups and vegetable sauces
  • all fruit and vegetable salsas
  •  most condiments (lite mayo)
  •  gum
  • jello
  • drinks without sugar
  • low fat dairy
  • low fat dressing
Other than the "free foods" you can use 6 portion sizes a day, so you can choose such plans like 2 breakfast, 2 lunch and 2 dinner, or 1 breakfast, 2 lunch, 3 dinner. 
Sweets and Candy too!
You can use the "G" cup for your sweets or the "B" portion. for your cakes and pies!
I started using this a couple of weeks ago and I can tell it really works, I love that I can eat what I like and don't have to worry about eating the wrong foods, we can go to any restaurant and I can order what I like (I bring the cups with me that i'll need and as for sauces on the side).
I will keep you guys updated with how it's going in a few more weeks!
Your Lifesize Portions starter kit comes with the Lifesize portioning system, the Lifesize easy follow wall chart, the Lifesize Quick Start DVD's and a 30 day money back guarantee, for just $79.99 
You can purchase it here. 


  1. I think it would help both my son and I on our diets.

  2. It would help me and my mom!

  3. I think having a visual reminder will help me with my portion sizes.

    The link to Lifesize portions fb page is broke. I liked. Kimberly Hilbert

  4. I'm horrible with portion sizes, so this would help me so much

    morganowl28 at gmail dot com

  5. I think it would help me to keep things in perspective.