Thursday, December 20, 2012

Edwards Creme Pies Holiday Celebration

This post brought to you by Edwards. All opinions are 100% mine.


We love to donate to charity. Especially during the Holidays.

So many children don't get a lot of presents, and some none at all.

What better way to feel good, than to donate to toys for tots.


This year, Edwards Crème pies will donate $1 for every pie sold in November and December!

Edwards Creme Pies have always been a favorite in our house, Riley loves the Strawberry Creme pie, and Xander loves the Hershey's pie, and me..I love them all..but I will probably be buying this one to have on Christmas Eve this year.

Edwards® Boston Cream Pie

Also right now when you visit holiday e-card you can create your own electronic Holiday card to send to your family and friends, and when they receive it by email it will include a rare coupon for $1 off any Edwards Creme pie.

So you save $1 by sending a card, and you know that Edwards will donate $1 to Toys for Tots!

I chose to send a card to my mom, and one to Casey, I know both of them will LOVE the coupon.

The process was very easy, I entered my email address, their email addresses, a short note and hit send, let me know in a comment how you liked the e-card feature!


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  1. I have never heard of this brand-at least not where I live-just outside of NYC. I do applaud them for helping this most worthy of charities!

  2. That Boston Creme Pie looks so yummy! I've loved their mini desserts, and this looks like another must try!

  3. I would love the Boston Creme Pie also. It is great that they are contributing to such a great cause.

  4. We love Edwards Pies! Thanks for the link up to the coupons... sending last minute gift to out of town friend.

  5. This is so nice! My husband LOVES the chocolate Edwards pie. Thank you so much for the good info :)

  6. I would love an Edwards pie! That is so great that they are donating to toys for tots!

  7. We love Edwards pies. Thank you for the post.