Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cascades' My Pretty Playhouse It's Huge! Review and Giveaway!

Cascades' Ecological Products Boutique sent me an awesome cardboard playhouse! I got the "My Pretty Playhouse" which is HUGE! I thought when I first got it that  it would be your "normal" playhouse that lasts a day and is big enough to hold one kid, boy was I wrong!

My pretty playhouse is as high as my shoulder which I am 5'7" so its about 5ft tall.  My kids could all stand in the house with ease. Next the sides are about 3-4ft wide which I woke up to my 2 sons ages 4 and 7 asleep inside the house. On top of being spacious it has double doors both in front and back, has 2 windows on the sides, along with a window on top and 2 sky light windows on front back so its a well lit house!

I loved how strong it was. It comes in 3 big sections. Although you can put it up by yourself I recommend you have help because it took me about 15 minutess to get it up because a few pieces would come out when I placed others in. I stood inside the house and put the walls together. I found this was the fastest and easiest approach. The walls are in 2 huge sections which you place together with sliding the pieces into each other. The roof is in one piece, which slides on top then you pop up and slide it into its spots. The windows are cut in the cardboard which you pop out and slide all them in place as well.

I was happy how easy it went together I have had some before which would take way longer then even 30 minutes because of falling apart.
 I love this playhouse.  My kids are having a blast with it and it makes a great addition to the Holiday decor because it looks like a Gingerbread house to me.

Also if you wish you can color you playhouse and draw pictures on it which it then doubles as a house and art project. At Casacades' they have many other options of playhouses other then the ones which I reviewed. They carry 3 playhouses and get this even cardboard furniture! How cool! So looking for something fun and different for kids check out Casacades' you will not be disappointed.

 Disclosure: I was given My Pretty Playhouse to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I don't see where the giveaway is, but I'd love to win this for my grandson!

  2. Not sure where to post for giveaway.

    My two would have hours of fun with this.

  3. is there a Rafflecopter for this?

    Grandma's house would be a great place for that playhouse lol

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