Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snotarator......Yup its all in the name

Snotarator???? Sounds like some crazy dinosaur that attacks your nose! Yeah that's pretty much what this is! You take the snotarator and place it gently inside your child's nose, don't worry its big enough that will not hurt your child it sits more on the inner end of the nose. Then you take your vacuum (yes! your vacuum!) turn the setting on low and then plug the other end of the snotarator into the hose part of vacuum. Wonder whats next?? You guessed it you turn it on and it sucks out the snot in your child's nose! GROSS!!! lol but wow it works great!

I did not take pics of this process cause well yeah I am sure some are having a hard time reading let alone visual aid. So I can show you this much. So you need you attachment piece to plug the one end in and then the other end you stick in the nose as seen here. The part at the top that Brian is holding has like a cupping area that catches all the snot so you can see how well it works along with color and texture all that lovely info doctors want. The catching area comes off for easy cleaning.
The tubing should only catch air but if it happens to have something you don't want just run hot water through for about 2 mins and let hang with each end open so it can dry out. Its even dishwasher safe top wrack only though and they recommend that you boil it to sterilize.

So, back to it working! My son Michael suffers from allergies this time of year so always has a runny nose which lets face it is a huge pain on everyone. I placed it on him he was nervous but I made him sit still and used it. The whole process once he stayed still took less then a minute and he was clean and clear for the rest of the day! I was shocked how much it removed and I was also very pleased because it will cut the cost on tissues, and looking at nasty sleeves cause what kid really stops every 5 seconds to clean their nose?? This is something I think all families should have in their home, its good on all ages yes ALL ages, and it really helps cut cost on allergies remedies, colds and whatever else you spend your money on to get relief.

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  1. I frequently take my daughter to the ER because she gets congested to the point where she can't eat or sleep and she already had 2 ear infections at 7months old. The nose suction they use on her at the hospital is very similar to this aspirator, but now I can clear her nose at home. I just wish I would've known about it sooner!