Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Medieval Times Kissimmee, Florida Review and Giveaway

Surrender to an age of bravery and honor and witness epic battles of steel and steed during our ALL-NEW SHOW. From ringside seats, discover a feast of the eyes and appetite with more action, more fun & more excitement than ever before.
As you thrill to a rousing live jousting tournament, marvel at awe-inspiring horsemanship and falconry, Medieval Times serves a four-course meal fit for royalty.
Hang on to your helmet. The show is about to begin.

Looking for something to do while in Kissimmee, Fl? Well check out Medieval Times!

Medieval Times is a one of a kind dinner show, the menu is that of the medieval days, which is soup, chicken, bread, sparerib, and potato. There is no flatware you eat everything with your hands! The chicken is a whole half of a chicken, drinks to choose are water or pepsi, but they do bring coffee at the end of the meal all drinks have free refills. If you would like any alcohol you can purchase from the bar wench.

Medieval Times is a show that which you have 6 sections and each section has their knight who they cheer for. The knights are green, blue, black & white, red, yellow and finally red & yellow. Each knight has different task to complete which include marksmanship, jousting, and sword fighting.  The kids were a little bored at the beginning because it looks like a lot of running back and forth on horses but once the knights brought out the swords the kids were totally into the show, yelling "Get him, Get him!". At the end of each game the knights who completed the task get 2 flowers which they throw into the crowd of their section. The winner of the tournament picks out a child from their section which the child gets a crown and sash.

I personally feel this would be more of a great "guys night out" kinda place. Its a one of a kind show that is nice to add to your family vacation cause your not going to experience anything like it anywhere else.

For more info on the show you can click here: http://www.medievaltimes.com/orlando/abouttheshow.aspx

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  1. Yes but it has been 20 years and it was this exact one!

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  2. yes, I have been there but it was a long time ago. I would love to go again and take my husband. Thanks for the chance.

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  4. I've never been but have wanted to go forever!

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