Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Plan a Creative Baby Shower

A Baby Shower is a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of a baby. Planning a baby shower, on the other hand, can be stressful and intimidating. We have some simple yet great ideas that will help you organize a baby shower that’s creative, memorable and fun.
Make a List
Before you get started, sit down and make a baby shower checklist. You can always download one from the internet to get started, but remember to personalize it for your particular needs.
Most people find that a timeline-based checklist can help avoid any messes. For example, you can have a list of things under “what to do 10 weeks before,” then “things to do a month before” and so on until you have “things to manage the day before”. Under every heading, include all the details, big and small, that you’ll have to attend to.
Remember to include invitations, baby shower decorations, party treats, favors, food, games to play and any special requests that the new mom might have. Make sure that every detail is on your list. And remember to get some advice from friends that have already throw baby showers. They’ll have a lot to say about what works and what didn’t.  
Invitations and Thank-you Cards
The invitation is one of the most important items for the baby shower. It introduces the theme of the baby shower and the colors of the baby shower to your guests. Invitations can be ordered online or handmade. We suggest a combination of the two. This will help add a personal touch and yet you won’t have to slave over making invitations. After all, you have a lot to do.
Some suggestions we have are adding a picture of the expecting mom or adding embellishments (like paper flowers, little bows, or beads) anything to give it a little personality. These little touches will make the invitations memorable and special.
As an added touch, design similar thank you cards for the new mom. You can give them to her before the party, along with the invitation list and complete addresses. This will help her be more organized and take some of the stress of having to think about thank you cards after her baby shower. Trust us she will greatly appreciate it.  
Decorations and Party Favors
First impressions are always the most important. No matter the theme or the color scheme, your decorations and party favors should complement each other and have a clean presentation. There is an endless array of baby shower themes to choose from. You can choose different animals or flowers or cars or sports or even children’s books. Whatever theme you choose, decorate with a baby in mind. So incorporate different baby items that add to your theme.
As for colors, we suggest you choose three. Choose one main color and two colors that compliment or add to the main color. An example is light pink as a main color and hot pink and light green as the other colors. The secondary colors should be used sparingly and as accents.
You should always give special attention to the centerpieces. The centerpieces should reflect the same theme and/or colors of the baby shower. They can be simple arrangements of baby items or elaborate arrangements of baby items. We especially love baby diaper cakes as centerpieces. They make such a great statement and are so practical.
Baby shower favors are should also have a personal touch. If you can’t make them yourself, our suggestion is to embellish or add to the ones you ordered. You can get boxes or bags or jars and fill them with all kinds of goodies and treats. Decorate them with little feet or anything cute that reminds people of babies and finish it off with a color coordinating ribbon and bow.
Pictures and/or Videos
Capture each and every precious moment. Whether you use pictures or videos, make sure to catch every detail of the celebration. You can ask some guests to help you take pictures of the entire event. If you feel creative enough, you can make a photo book of the baby shower. The new mom will simply love it and she’ll love you for being such an amazing hostess.
This guest post was written by Liz Hur who is a devoted mother with a passion for DIY crafts. She makes diaper cakes from her website at

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