Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are you looking for GREAT Gift Baskets this year?

They are easy, you just order your favorite one, and have it shipped. 
I remember one year, I attempted to make my own gift baskets for some friends and family, I thought it would be easier and less expensive than buying them premade. 
I was WRONG!

Hearth Warming Holidays
First of all, I spent at least 4 hours planning what I was going to put in them, and at the store actually buying the items. 
Second, I ended up not having enough of one item and too much of the other, so the baskets were all different (which can be good, but I was going for unity) 
 Lastly, I spent WAY more than I wanted to, and when i figured it all out with time and money I spent, I would have been better ordering online. 

The very next year I found Gift Baskets Plus 
and I have been ordering with them ever since. 
That was 5 years ago!

They make all kinds of beautiful baskets ranging from 

Chalk it up to Starbucks
Coffee and Tea

Organic Fresh Fruit and Wine Box
Christmas Ale's
and Beer!
Right now, if you order a Gift Basket at Gift Baskets Plus
you can save 15% with the order code 15OFF. 

Gift Baskets Plus has many other baskets to choose from:
Happy Birthday
Get Well
 Thank You


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