Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teething Ring by MariaTurnerCreations

Sarah is 8 months old now and has a bunch of teeth coming in which makes for an unhappy baby! I was very grateful to receive this personalized teething ring from MariaTurnerCreations on Etsy.

The 2.75" wood rings are hand sanded and polished with all natural olive oil and bees wax, then personalized with your child's name burned into the ring. The wash cloth that is attached is one side flannel cotton, and the other is terry cloth cotton for absorbing drool.

I know this would make a great gift, along with break for mom toy.

Maria has a few more items in her shop on which she makes which will fit your infant needs and wants. At MariaTurnerCreations items are priced from $10-$20 which avg price is $10. Great one of a kind gift for this holiday season.

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