Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IT'S BACK! Great Deals from McDonald's and Wendy's

Thanks to Halloween, McDonald's has its coupon books out and for sale at a dollar, which gets you 3 coupons of each for: apple juice or white milk, apples, hamburger, and finally a small cone. Which if you have lots of kids this is a great deal all that x's 3 for a $1 you can't beat it. (coupons are used one per kid under 12 years of age)

Wendy's has its 10 Jr Frosty for a $1 coupon book that is good from date purchased to end of Feb next year. Also theirs goes to a cause like March of Dimes I believe, so even more a reason to buy. (coupons one per customer)

Burger King normally comes out with a book that I believe is 10-12 small fries I really don't remember but they also have some kind of book that is also a dollar.

So if you have kids stock up cause its a huge money saver, Happy Halloween!

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