Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Down with Homework! Kids need Play and Family Time.

I hate public schools, I am grateful that I get a break from my kids but really when I have them they should be allowed to be KIDS! I only have 2 in school right now, I only see them on weekends and Wednesdays, because I work nights, husband days. It's crazy the amount of homework each child is given! They get home from school watch maybe 30 mins of tv or outside then do their homework, followed with shower, dinner then pretty much bed. So really when are they kids??? I mean hum the youth of America are fat? really? gee I wonder why? maybe cause they sit all day in a classroom with no recess and then come home to sit more eat and sleep yeah I see all that extra time to go play which is a huge help on staying fit. I mean they need to change the schools in general teach kids the basic then teach them how to survive! Teach them how to cook, clean, organize, work on cars, computers, music, and more teach them things that are USEFUL! I think it would help to have more hands on classes basic grade school then turn it into a college where kids can enjoy school.
I love how also the A.D.H.D. rises as well as Autism and such yes I believe that most is cause of shots but other cases is probably kids just having brain farts to where they can't sit still anymore. I know I cannot sit for 6 hours while someone talks away about nothing that I am interested in, so why should I think a kid who naturally has a bunch of energy will? I just wish that the school systems would at least ban homework and realize this is FAMILY time, I can understand every now and then projects or finishing work that was not completed at school but that should be it! Teachers are always saying they get underpaid which is probably the case so cut them a break from the extra work as well by taking out the homework. Flat out what happens when you overload anything it breaks so its not summer that makes kids forget its the fact that they have had it, it;s an overload and they crash.
Give our kids back their time to be kids!

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