Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Guitar Prints by YassisPlace Review

So Just like how Xander's room is in makeover to a Big Boy Room, we are trying to make what was a spare bedroom into a room for Riley to call his own. 

Riley LOVES music, he loves guitars, drums, microphones, cymbals, keyboards..anything that makes music he is in love with. 

That's how I knew he would LOVE these guitar prints from the Etsy shop 

Guitar Art Children's Wall Art in red, black and white 3 pc set 8x10 by Yassisplace 

I don't have pictures of them on my wall yet, because I have to get them framed. 
When I took them out of the package Riley was SO excited! He loved them and read what it said right away!

That's what Riley is Born to Rock, and what I think is funny is that when I was pregnant with him I wore a shirt all the time that said "Future Rock Star" 
That's SO Riley. 

As soon as I get these awesome prints on my wall I will share a picture with all of you. 

YassisPlace sells over 500 different sets of prints, all for nursery's and kids rooms (though I was tempted to put some of them in MY room!)

The prices start at about $36 for a set of 3, and these prints are worth every penny, they are thick and very clear and shiny, I can see that in a frame they will last a LONG time. 


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  1. Those could look good in most rooms. I like them.