Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Still losing your socks in the dryer? Try my solution!

So with all the family I have, 2 kids in school and work we go through socks. Lots of sets get lost and never to be found again. I figured out a simple solution on washing your socks, drying and keeping them together. You put all your socks in a pillow case tie a knot at top. Don't over fill it but about a quarters worth full so they have room to flop around and get washed same for drying then you pull out the pillow case, and there you have it all your socks clean and together. Also this works for bras which its always a good idea to clip the bra together before washing so it does not tangle with the rest of the clothing. Not the greatest idea to dry bras with wires though that's when most will lose shape or break.


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