Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spiderman Lego Shirt by Starduststore Review

Joshua got a Spiderman shirt in the mail from Starduststore. It's a U.K. based business that makes cute shirts. Joshua chose a Spiderman Lego shirt. It was about a week after ordering it that he got it which is not bad, since it could take up to a month when overseas. The shirt was well packaged in a bag in a bag so the weather would not affect it if in rain or snow.
I called Joshua over to show him his shirt, he goes "I want it I want it". I was happy that he liked it. Spiderman was on a purple shirt and looked kinda girlish. Joshua put it on, its a snug fit, not sure if in U.K. sizes run different but the size I received is a 5-6Y which Joshua wears a 4t U.S. I thought the shirt looked more for a girl cause how snug it is, and the roundness of the neck, but hey I have 2 girls so I will pass it down to them.
Starduststore makes also: Baby Rompers, Baby Leather Shoes, Pj's, Kid T's and more priced at $18-$35 plus shipping of only $3.99! The Spiderman shirt I received was 100% cotton from India. I love the little logo also of the skull and cross bone on very cute. I love the shirt even though was more girlish I would still buy from them cause the quilty is very nice for the price.

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