Sunday, September 9, 2012

Seems to work cure for Ringworm

So my son Brian for some reason had ringworm YUCK! He has had it before which the first time it was the size of a quarter behind his ear, it took almost 2 weeks to go away. This time it was the size of a dime when I noticed it, normally you use Tinactin (which is a over the counter drug that can be bought almost everywhere) but I didn't have any laying around. So I decided to use Vagicaine which is a anti-itch cream, I did 2 treatments of it and you wouldn't even notice he had the ringworm. I was extremely happy it worked cause another 2 weeks would have drove me nuts, this was only 2 days of it showing.

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  1. Sad to know that your son has been suffering from Ringworm! Ringworm is sometimes very dangerous and painful for small children. The main reason of spreading Ringworm is by either direct or indirect contact. It can normally be picked up by sharing a bed. Washing of the hands is essential and should be frequent. Proper cure & treatment for ringworm is necessary for your son's health!