Saturday, September 8, 2012

Paige Mom of only 2 :-)

So I guess I am not a "big" part of the 7 kids and us, because I only have 2 of the 7.

But my small contribution is that I have 2 really great boys Xander and Riley who are 7 and 6.

I virtual school them 5 days a week, they are with me 24/7 even when I go to work I take one of them with me. I am a firm believer in not letting someone else raise your kids.

My husband is from Guyana, we met in 1993 and got married very soon after that, then waited more than 10 years to have any children.

Our 18th anniversarry is very soon!

I like girl stuff, like make-up, perfume, pretty hair things..and I am really into my electronics.

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