Sunday, September 9, 2012

Outfits by FairyTaleFrocks Review and Giveaway!

Linda the owner of FairyTaleFrocks sent me 2 outfits for Elizabeth, 1 for Joshua and 3 for Sarah to review. Linda had sent me some pictures of the outfits before she had officially sent them and the pics did not do them justice!
Let's start with Elizabeth. Linda sent 2 outfits. First a 2 piece set with elephants and the other a frog dress. The dress is super cute it's a seersucker type and washes great. The dress is a 3T which is big on her now but she will fit into great once she is 3 which is in a few months.

I love the length and over all look of it, her dress had bumble bee buttons on it as well as one in the frog's tummy.

The dress is green and white with white liner inside.

The elephant outfit is also super cute. The elephant is made of a satin felt on a cotton sleeveless tank. The shorts have little elephants all over and are made of seersucker just like the dress.

The elephant is really cute grey with pink ears and the outfit is pink with grey liner, and shorts are white and pink.

Even the pictures I tried to get do not do these outfits the justice they so very much deserve.

Elizabeth would not stay still to get anything great for a picture because with the dress she liked to pull up over her head and spin, the elephant she just loved so kept looking and pointing at it.
Sarah received 2 handmade rompers. They both matched Elizabeth's.

Both rompers were size 6 months which run a bit big but are really cute, and I like that they run big because I will have longer to enjoy them.

I would say they fit more an 8-9 month old.

Sarah's romper had the frog like Elizabeth's only hers had ladybug buttons and a ladybug in the tummy of the frog.

I loved the elephant romper the best. Both are cute but the elephant just stood out to me.

Both rompers are made from the same as Elizabeth's dress and shorts.

I like that the snaps to the rompers are sewn on a heavy piece of cloth so that they will not rip off like you deal with most snaps.

Linda also made a very cute monogrammed dress for Sarah so it is S.H.J which is absolutely cute but its a size 18 months so will be a little while until she can wear it but really the way Sarah is I think she will fit fine at 12 months. I Can't wait.
Joshua received a cute 2 piece set with frog and shorts that matched his sisters.

His shirt is 100% cotton extremely nice and very cute. He had the bumblebees like Elizabeth for buttons.

His outfit was a 4t which is was right on the money any smaller and it would not fit.

Joshua loved the frog outfit and would not take it off the rest of the day.

The pictures were taken a few days after that when he had more important issues like playing in the backyard which not gonna happen in that outfit.

I loved how all the outfits turned out this was the one pic I got of the group that I think turned out pretty cute.
Its extremely hard to get a pic of all of them together because Sarah is teething, Elizabeth is 2 and Joshua wants to do his own thing.

My pictures still do not do the justice these outfits deserve but I love them.

Linda's shop FairyTaleFrocks has many of her one of a kind handmade clothing and blankets which are priced from $20-$60 she can make probably almost anything you ask for.

Linda has generously offered to let one of our readers pick out anything from her shop FairyTaleFrocks priced no higher then $50. Open to U.S. residents only. All other readers will receive 10% off their purchase. Thanks and good luck. a Rafflecopter giveaway



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