Friday, September 14, 2012

How to make your kids go to sleep

So, in my family because of my husbands schedule and one vehicle, and the face that my kids are virtual schooled (they don't have set hours) we stay up pretty late.

One night a couple of days ago I wasn't feeling well and wanted the kids to go to bed at a descent time, but that's kinda hard when they wake up at noon!

So, I put them in bed and told them both whoever made noise first was the loser, and whoever didn't was the winner (the prize being they would get to play with my iPhone in bed)

About 20 minutes later I checked on them and they were both asleep!
In the morning, when Xander came out of bed the first thing he said was "Who won?"

I thought that was pretty smart, I was really just going for them being quiet, and in turn got them to both sleep!

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