Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gatorland in Orlando, FL

$10 for the picture! Not bad!

I have lived in Kissimmee for 7 years and have never been to Gatorland. Why? I have 2 boys...they like why didn't I take them?

Honestly, the place looks small and from the street I see big wooden bridges that don't look very safe, so the thought of taking the kids there was a little scary.

BUT,  my husband and I decided to finally take our 2 boys to Gatorland.

Husband and Kids at the entrace

Kids in the Splash Pad

HUGE playground behind Splash Pad!

More splash pad!

High food prices and food not very good

Feeding Emu's!

More Emus!

Refillable cups! $1 per refill!
My thoughts were, the park is actually MUCH bigger than it looks, we spent about 6 hours there and still only saw/did about half of the things we could have seen and done AND the bridges were not required or needed once in the park, they were actually mostly used for the new "zip line" that we didn't go on.

We got to feed goats and emus, see a gator wrestling show, feed the birds, ride a train, see a show about unusual animals and more!

Xander and Riley were very entertained, they also loved the new addition of the water park.

The Pros:
Waterpark (I would pay the annual pass rate just for this!)
Train Ride
Feed the Birds
Pictures with Alligators for $10

The Cons:
Food is very overpriced and tastes terrible

My suggestion when visiting is to eat before, or to bring your own food, other than that get ready for a great day at Gatorland!

Admission prices are  $24.99 for an adult and $16.99 ages 3-12 (under 3 is free!)

Annual pass prices are $45.99 for an adult and $31.99 for a child age 3-12

Stroller and wheelchair rentals are available starting at $7 a day.

Gatorland is open from 10am to 5pm daily and is located about 10 minutes away from Walt Disney World.

Gatorland is offering a Florida Resident Special for the month of September, admission with proof of residency is just $9.99!

Feeding Goats!

Feeding Birds!

Running from birds!

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