Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally a Follow Up on Mederma

I am sorry it has taken so long to post this.

See the original post Here.

Okay so here it is, the stuff does work. I had a hard time following up with the post because Mederma is like an antibiotic, you have to use it every day twice a day.

I am horrible when it comes to long repeats, especially when it's out of site out of mind.

I was able to keep up for about a week. I was more focused on Brian because has the worst, but the issue with him is its on his stomach which is always covered with a shirt.

I noticed a fade effect within a week and then it seemed to fade even more over a month time.
Even though I did not follow the instructions I did place on his scar as often as I had the product and him in the same place at once and remembered.

I gave up on Elizabeth because hers is on her head and so small that it was hard to rub in along with getting in her hair.
Brian was on top of me here and there about putting it on him. I would give him a small amount and he would rub in himself. We used the adult formula on Brian because I figured faster results with half the work of the kids one.
I would recommend for parents who are on top of things or for a child or adult who can remember to do so everyday twice a day.
I had a hard time but when I remember I do have him use it. I think it will go away even though my results will take a lot longer then the 30-40 days because I am not using correctly.
I believe the product will do as said if you can use correctly because I did see results within a weeks time. I also did not have any fresh scars to test on so I could only imagine how fast that would work.

I couldn't get pictures because it was hard the first time so now that it has faded more you can only guess how hard it would be to get a pic. If your really effected by your scars I would 100% invest the $15 dollars on a tube of Mederma it will and does work!

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