Saturday, September 8, 2012

Casey Age 29

I am up to trying almost anything, I am very outgoing. I like things that make my life a little more stress free.
I like being outdoors, I like to write, I hate to read though.
I am very laid back when it comes to raising my kids, I never read the "age limit" on toys I figure if they like them then who cares.
I love anything with wheels, like trucks, cars, wagons lol anything.
I also would like to lose some weight about 20-30lbs, a diet that does not make you drink lots of water I hate water, love milk.
I have been with my husband since age 16 known him since Elementary school, both of us are born raised in Kissimmee, Fl.
I had Brian 9 months after we got married, we married on Josh's 20th birthday which is Nov 15th. We will be married 9 years this year.

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