Saturday, September 1, 2012

Big Time Rush! Orlando, FL August 28th 2012

Mommy and Riley TRYING to kill time before BTR!

My son Riley is in love with the boy band "Big Time Rush"

All he wanted for his birthday was to be on stage with them singing "Elevate"

When I gave him the bad news that BTR didn't respond to my several requests (why would they? but I had to try!) he agreed to be happy with getting to go to the concert and a drum set for his birthday instead.

The weeks and days that let up to the concert were TORTURE for him, every day asking me "is today the day?" and then a countdown of days until the day came when we finally got to go see Big Time Rush!

Riley LOVED it, he sat so still the entire time just watching every move they made..when James, Carlos and Logan came close to him he tried as hard as he could to reach out and touch them (Managing to grab 2 of them!)

He already asked me if he can see them again

Thank you Big Time Rush for a great night!

Getting ready for BTR to come on stage!

After seeing Cody Simpson he was more excited!

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