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Aquatica in Orlando, Fl Review and Giveaway

We were recently invited to experience SeaWorld's waterpark "Aquatica"

I had been before a few years ago back when Xander was about 3-4 years old and we LOVED it, and Casey had been once on opening day back about 6 years ago. 

Casey was able to just bring her 2 oldest, so we had myself, Casey, Xander, Brian, Michael and Riley which was really nice because of it being a waterpark we didn't have to worry as much about the non swimmers since they stayed home. 

Riley's favorite ride was the "toilet bowl" (Tassies Twisters) which i nicknamed that because you go down a tube and then plunge out into a huge bowl and spin around and around until you finally drop down the hole in the bottom, he is still asking me to go back just for that. 

His least favorite was the Roa's Rapids, which is like a lazy river on crack. 

There are no innertubes in Roa's Rapids, you just put on a life jacket (or not) and get in..the current is strong and it pulls you away really quickly. 

As we all got into Roa's Rapids, we were kind of hanging on to the rock at the entrance and we all let go...except for Riley, he held on (he didn't seem scared so I didn't think he wouldn't let go) when I realized he wasn't going to let go, I tried as hard as I could to get back to him but the current pushed me further and further away so I ended up having to leave him (thank god he was wearing a life jacket) 

In a panic I went all the way around the rapids, using my feet to make myself go sonic speed, while Casey stopped and talked to a life guard about getting out (they wouldn't let her, even with a LOST child!) so she gave them his description and they said they would catch him if he came around. 

When I finally got back to the entrance, Riley was not there! 

I got out and told the life guard what happened and he made a phone call and said someone was on their way..Casey finally reached me and she waited by the entrance to grab Riley in case he came around (since we didn't at that point know if after he realized we were not coming back for him, he let go) 

After about 3-4 minutes I asked the lifeguard if anyone was coming and he said yes, and I said can you call around and see if anyone has found him and he said no he was not authorized to do that, only the person in charge of lost children could do that. 

Another 2-3 minutes passed by and I saw Riley floating by and I saw Casey jump out and grab him..well, grab and then float away with him since now they were both back in the current. 
As fast as I could I got back in and got to Riley. 

We went around a few more times as a group, but Riley later in the day said he didn't want to go back on that anymore. 

Casey commented too on how she told the lifeguard to look for him, and some how the lifeguard wasn't able to get him out or at least get in and go around with him (if I had seen that when we found Riley I would have had much more faith in the lifeguards) 

That was only the first issue of the day with the lifeguards. 

The second was with the Tassie's Twisters ride, I took Michael and Riley on this ride while Casey was with our bigger kids on the Dolphin Plunge. 

I sent Riley and Michael down first, and when I came down (in the innertube) I saw in front of me that only Michael was in the double innertube, and at the same time felt a hand underneath me (in the water!) I jumped out of my tube and Riley popped up from under it, all while a lifeguard watched and said nothing, just sat there smiling at us!

What had happened was Riley said that the innertube he and Michael were in wasn't moving out of the small pool area that you land in when you come off the slide so he got out to push it, then my water and wave must have pushed the tube out of the way, leaving Riley at the base of the slide. 

If it hadn't been me coming out of the slide next I don't now what would have happened to Riley. 

Riley is 6 years old and a great swimmer, so it's not like I had no business taking him to aquatica, in my opinion everything that went wrong could have been avoided with better lifeguards and proper signs. 

Overall, even with the mishaps, all the kids had a great time and want to return as soon as possible. 

Aquatica is located just across the street from SeaWorld on International Drive off the Beachline Expressway (FL 528), 10 minutes south of downtown Orlando and 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport. Click here for location and directions information. Click here for Operating Schedule.

Physical Address
5800 Water Play Way
Orlando, FL 32821

Insider Water Park Tips
  • With multi-park tickets you can visit as much as you want, when you want during your vacation (tickets expire 14 days after first use) - DAY or NIGHT
  • Please note that Aquatica is a family experience, therefore we ask that the appropriate swim attire be worn throughout your visit (i.e., no bathing-suit thongs, please). In addition, children in diapers are required to use waterproof protectors.
  • In order to guarantee our guests' comfort and safety, Aquatica's capacity is limited. Admission into the park may be suspended during the day due to periods of high attendance.
  • Busch Gardens Shuttle Express provides an easy, comfortable & quick way to Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay.
  • For the latest park operating updates or additional park information, call 1-888-800-5447 or 001 (407)-351-3600. Click here for Operating Schedule.

  • Cars $12
  • RV $16
  • Preferred Parking Seasonally priced (Limited Availability and can be reserved online)
  • Car and RV parking is transferrable to SeaWorld for same day visits only; preferred parking may be transferred if available on the same day
  • Prices are subject to change 
  • Click here to purchase your parking online.

  • Dining facilities throughout the park offer a variety of delights
    • Aquatica has several different dining options including an all-you-can-eat restaurant and healthy alternatives.
  • Gift shops feature a wide selection of brand-name sportswear, beachwear and other "must-have" summer items.
  • Beach and picnic areas
  • Showers, changing areas, and nursing mother's station
  • A one-time locker fee gives you a full day's worth of unlimited access. Small lockers are $12.00* and large lockers are $15.00* per day.
    *All locker rentals include a $5 refundable key deposit
  • Beach towels can be rented for the entire day for a $4.00 each. Towels can also be purchased at any of our shops throughout the park.
  • Life vests can be checked out free of charge throughout the park.

A private cabana is the best way to take in all Aquatica has to offer. Your cabana is reserved exclusively for you for the entire day, until the park closes. Cabana rentals include a refrigerator stocked with bottled water as well as complimentary use of towels and lockers. While a security member is always present in the park, locker usage is recommended. Snacks and dining options are separate.

As cabanas provide the comfort of a shaded, sheltered environment, guests are welcome to move seating outside of the cabana to soak up some of the warm Florida sun.

Click here to reserve your private cabana.

Smoking Policy
For the comfort and safety of all of our guests, smoking is permitted in the park in designated smoking areas only. These designated areas are conveniently located throughout the park and are clearly marked on park maps.

Water Safety
  • More than 100 certified lifeguards supervise water attractions and activities
  • A first-aid station staffed by emergency medical technicians and a registered nurse

Water Temperature
At Aquatica, the water is as warm as the South Seas themselves--actually, warmer. We have a state-of-the-art climate control system that adjusts the water temperature according to the weather so that it's always just right. The water can be heated up to 84 degrees.

Outside Food Policy
Aquatica has clear limitations on what types of food/beverage purchased outside are allowed to be brought in to the park. Coolers are permitted, but they must be no larger than 16-quart size; large insulated bags are available for purchase at Guest Relations. For guests with special dietary requirements a limited number of unlimited daily picnic size lockers are available for rent at the park. Two picnic areas are located at the bus drop-off area at the front of the park and guests may re-enter these areas as often as they would like during an operating day.

The following food and beverage items are not permitted:
  • Picnic lunches or other family portion servings (such as large bags of chips, 2 liter sodas, sandwiches, hot dogs, slices of pizza, subs, fried chicken, etc)
  • Alcohol

Coolers may contain:
  • Snacks in individual serving sizes (cracker packs, under 3 oz bags of chips, fruit snacks, etc)
  • Bottled water
  • Baby food in plastic containers

For your safety, the following items are not permitted inside Aquatica: Glass containers, firearms, straight blade knives, large pointed scissors, pocketknives with a blade over two inches, pepper sprays, utensils and flammable liquids.

For the safety of our animals the following items are not permitted inside Aquatica: Plastic straws, balloons, cup lids.

Important Allergent Information
To best serve you and assure a safe and enjoyable dining experience, we ask that you please read and understand ALL of the important information below.
WHAT TO DO: Upon arriving at a meal facility, please go straight to the cashier and ask to speak with a supervisor to discuss the severity of your allergens and determine a meal that will be safe for you.
OFFERING OF SPECIALTY ITEMS: Our park offers several allergen friendly prepackaged items for your special dietary needs. For a list of these items and their location, please ask to speak to a supervisor at our main meal facilities.
CROSS CONTACT: Not all of our meal facilities are free from cross contact. In order to ensure your meal is safe, please discuss the preparation process for your meal with the supervisor as you place your order to ensure no cross-contact takes place.
TIPS FOR A SAFE TRIP: Follow these tips to allow us to best serve you and ensure a safe and great dining experience with us!
  • Always ask for a supervisor upon arriving at a meal facility
  • Visit meal facilities during non-peak hours or ahead of meal time so that you can be efficiently assisted and served
  • Always ask about cross-contact potential
Still have a question? Contact us here.
This information is provided for informational purposes only by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc (SEA). Neither SEA, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, vendors, and/or employees assume responsibility for sensitivity or allergy to any food product or ingredient provided by or in our parks.

Services for Guests with Disabilities
Aquatica is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all of our guests. The wave pool beaches are sand; however, the remainder of the park has paved pathways. All rivers and family attractions have beach entries (no steps). The park has five attractions designed with towers that do require stair climbing. The stairs are accessible by current ADA guidelines. Wheelchairs will be available for rental (first-come, first-served). Guests may reserve wheelchairs on-line prior to their visit.  Service Animals are welcome at Aquatica.  Service Animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform task for the benefit of an individual with a disability.  Service Animals are NOT permitted on any attraction at Aquatica

Unaccompanied Minors
Except when participating in an event intended for young guests such as our Adventure Camps, sleepovers, birthday parties and educational programs, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment suggests that visitors 13 and younger be accompanied by an adult.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is committed to providing guests a safe and enjoyable experience. Because of different pathway configuration and terrain as well as large crowds that include small children and strollers, we regret that we cannot permit the use of two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles such as Segways. We are pleased to offer other forms of personal transportation, including electric convenience vehicles and standard wheelchairs and we encourage you to contact Guest Services with any questions you may have.

For your convenience guests may have their height checked at our concierge cabana. Colored wristbands and signs will indicate which attractions are accessible to each guest based on their height. In general, guests must review and comply with requirements posted at each attraction, those under 48 inches are required to wear a life vest and must be accompanied by a supervising companion. 

Taumata Racer:
Guests must be at least 42" tall, life vests are not required on this attraction. Guests must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted. Maximum rider weight is 300 lbs (136 kg), single riders only.

Omaka Rocka:
Guests must be at least 48" tall. Guest must be able to maintain proper riding position. Maximum rider weight is 250 lbs (114 kg), single riders only.

Tassie's Twisters and Whanau Way:
Guests must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted. Guests under 48" are required to wear life vest. Combined maximum rider weight is 400 lbs (181 kg).

Guests must be 42" to ride, must be able to maintain proper riding position holding on to both handles unassisted. Maximum rider weight is 600 lbs (272 kg).

Guests must be at least 48" tall, life vests, shirts or cotton shorts may not be worn on this attraction. Guests must be able to maintain proper riding position. Maximum rider weight is 300 lbs (136 kg), single riders only.

Guests under 51" are required to wear a life vest.

Guests under 48" are required to wear a life vest. All guests must be in a single or double tube.

Slides in this area require guests to be no taller than 48" or accompanied by a child under 48. Tube slide (Zippity Zappity) maximum rider weight is 400 lbs (181 kg)

Walk About Waters
Guests must be between 36 and 42 inches for slides into the main pool and over 42 inches for the larger slides that are dispatched by a lifeguard. Guests under 48" are required to wear a life vest on the larger slides.
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