Sunday, September 2, 2012

36 Cookies for School Fundraiser ONLY $16 and Other

If you would like to place an order I need your email address which you can leave in comments or send to which I will then have the company email you with an invite to buy some cookies.
The cookies are 36 for $16 its all ready you just place in oven and bake. They have the following flavors, 1:Chocolate Chip,
2:Oatmeal Raisin,
3:Butter Sugar,
4:Carnival (mm's)
5:Strawberry Shortcake (White Chocolate Chips, strawberries, and tart dried cranberries)
6:Peanut Butter,
7:White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut,
8:Cranberry Oatmeal,
9:Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip,
10:Triple Chocolate Chunk.
Then they have 2 cookies for a cause which I think is a great idea: they are
1:The Pink Chocolate Chip cookie which helps the Susan G. Komen Cure for breast cancer, and then
2:Rainbow Chocolate Crispy Cookie which helps Make a Wish, which is a place that deals with children in need and helps them have a wish come true.
Finally we have the extras which are
1:12 plain pretzels, the really big ones you buy at parks and such,
2:Double Chocolate Chip Brownies 20-2oz,
3:Bake-up Brownie Rounds great for a school snack 36ct,
4:Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake 20-2oz,
5:Chocolate Filled Croissants 6-2.8oz and finally
6:Raspberry Danish Twist 8-3oz.
All orders must be placed before Sept 14th. Thanks from all the Hart kids : )

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