Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sewsillydesigns Fish Stick Cat Toy Review and 15% Off at Store

I received a fishie stick from Robin the owner of Sew Silly Designs. It is super cute!
Its a fishing pole design with 2 cloth fishes, and bells. I tried it on my older cats but they are to lazy that it didn't seem to phase them at all.
I have a kitten Ooky he is about 4 months old now, he is a wild cat caught him from under my inlaws so working on taming him anyhow he seemed to like the stick but with the kids around scared to come out. So this was the best I could do for pics : )
Michael is crazy in love with all things outdoors especially fishing so this was a great toy for him! He plays with it as a fishing adventure they make their tent with blankets and then have their fishing pole.
After having it for a week I handed over to Paige because she has 4 new kittens about a month old in age.

*Paige* My cats loved it! They loved it so much that it was really hard to get pics because they were whacking it as i was holding the camera and it kept knocking the angle.

Robin also does many other things in her shop as well, she has super cute birthday banners, t shirts and patch work.

Prices are from 7.50-130! She has set up a code in her shop for 15 percent off, the code is 7kids. So make sure to check out Sew Silly Designs and use code 7kids for a extra 15 percent off!


  1. Hee hee, I crocheted a fish cat toy similar to this one about 8 years ago. Although I didn't have a cat, my then 2-year-old son loved it and played with it for years!

  2. My cat would really like this. She goes after things.