Monday, August 6, 2012

Dinosaur World! Plant City, Florida! Review and Giveaway

Dinosaur World located in Plant City, Florida exit 17 off I-4.
Paige and I went on Sunday, we got to Dinosaur World at about 11am. Dinosaur World is about an hour and half from Disney World, Fl.
We had 6 kids with us, I left behind Sarah because she is to young to understand anything and it was very hot.
Paige didn't think it would be as nice as it actually is, the pictures and brochures don't do it justice, from the outside she imagined it was old and run down, though she had heard that they have renovated recently so her image a few years ago might have been correct. She had never been until today and I had been once when my kids were about 5, 4 and 1 year old, which back then main building and play area did not exist.
We started at the playground it's the first thing you get to when you walk in, and if your kids are like ours they will take a detour to it. The playground is in 2 sections toddler,
and bigger kid.
Once your able to drag your kids away from the playground you walk across a small bridge and your now in the swamp with all the dinosaurs.

We you walk into Dinosaur World there are 3 sections, you have a path to your left which takes you on a little walkway with dinosaurs, the path to your right takes you to games and activities, and finally the path straight ahead takes you to T-rex, the caves which are host to a movie and picnic area. We started on the path to the right because I didnt want to get too far back because they have a dinosaur dig at noon (as well as other times, but we wanted to get it out of the way) which it was 11:00 now. The path to the right had a cute little pinic table along with a soda machine which cost a dollar for a can (woo! not too expensive!) they are Coca-Cola products.
All the trash cans are bright and colorful dinosaurs
They have signs posted all over about please do not touch the dinosaurs and stay behind the rope.
Every dinosaur at Dinosaur World has a sign saying what it is your looking at they have even upgraded some to accompany the smart phones.
There are over 150 dinosaurs at Dinosaur World I like that you can get clear pictures of all the dinosaurs you come across. These are a few of our kids favorites.
We headed back to the Fossil Dig because it was now noon, which they have other times but we didn't know at the time til we saw this sign.
Paige stayed at the playground with Elizabeth because I didn't wanna pay the $2 dollars for her to dig, (The free dig is included with admission, but only for kids age 4-11. I kind of wish I had because all the kids were able to dig and pick out their favorite 3 fossils, they all found at least one shark tooth.
They all loved it!(Can you tell how happy our oldest are? I think they wanted more than 3, which is why for an extra $2 you can let your child dig again during another time slot)
Paige and I would recommend that you do the fossil dig on the way out of the park (as the last thing you do) that way your kids have a nice souvenir and you can avoid them begging in the gift shop (which you have to enter to leave the park!)
After the fossil dig we went to the left which they have a T-rex head to take pictures in, the puzzle, another huge picnic area, soda machines, water area for pets, cooling area for guests and more.
T-rex head with Riley and Michael only ones who listen, since we told them all to get over there and only these 2 showed up!
Cooling area, and the saving the day soda machines.
Puzzle, Picnic area, and hidden dino.
Touch and Tell
At Touch and Tell the kids open a door, stick their hand in, feel around and try to identify what is in the door. They liked this area because some things felt a little weird so it was fun to scare each other.
The next stop the Boneyard! A really huge sandbox with bones to uncover.
At the Boneyard they have buckets, paint brushes, and shovels for the kids. This was Elizabeth's favorite thing to do, so much to the point we couldn't get her out and Joshua was thinking we were going to leave her there and he was worried lol. After finally getting Elizabeth out of the sand we headed over to the Skeleton Graveyard. Which is also the area where they have the movie and more picnic areas but it is under construction.
There are a few places which the kids can stick their heads onto a dinosaur and you get a pic.
They are made for really little kids which is a nice change from the ones you have to lift your child up to. While at Dinosaur World someone would have to go the bathroom, and I guess both Paige and I liked the bathrooms cause we both took pictures lol. Here are a few.
I have pictures of almost all the dinosaurs but i want to leave more for you to check out yourself. This was a fun time, things you need to know are: Only food they have are the vending machines, so your allowed to bring outside food and have a picnic in one of the many areas to eat. Pets on leashes and friendly are welcome.
Paige asked her youngest son Riley if he would go back he said "today? we are going today!" and was sad when she said not today, but yeah someday we will go back. All of our kids really enjoyed Dinosaur World it was a great way for kids to learn about Dinosaurs in a great environment.
It is $14.95 plus tax for adults, $11.95 plus tax for children ages 3 to 12 and $12.95 plus tax for seniors over 60. Parking is free. They also accept all major credit cards. So if you want something other than only Disney to do while in Florida check out Dinosaur World.
Please fill out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card, valid only for US residents.
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