Friday, July 20, 2012

McDonald's Just In Case You Haven't Heard

During the Summer Kids meals are $1.99 Sunday and Tuesday, In Orange and Osceola County, Then Tuesday and Thursday in Polk County so check your local McDonald's to see if they have this great deal!

Also while talking about it did you know McDonald's offers coupon books for a dollar???? Inside you will find 12 free items! Its 1 coupon per kid. They come out for most major holidays, and seasons. You have to ask for the books, not all McDonald's carry them. They have 4 coupons x's 3 which are free apples, milk, ice cream cone and hamburger! So you buy 1 at a dollar and get 11 things free!

Paige turned me into the books and they have been a lifesaver, its great in the summer as well for the free ice cream!

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