Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Taking Pictures

When I was 20 years old I got a job at Sears Portrait Studio in Boca Raton Fl., about 6 months later the manager quit and I was made the new manager.

I had 4 employees and a studio to run for $8 an hour! I guess back in the 90's, and being 20 that was descent pay, now I can't imagine doing the same job for the same money.

I was the manager of that studio for 2 years before moving on to Walmart and getting my own studio there (which was MUCH better by the way)

I have always loved to take pictures, I find it soothing and creative and I love that I can have something, a moment to treasure forever.

Casey, doesn't love my photography as much. Not her fault, I take A LOT of pictures, when we are out and I have my "good" camera on me I can take anywhere from 100-400 pictures in a day depending on how long my battery lasts.

I post alot of them to facebook and make Casey "Like" every one of them..why? Well I want to feel appreciated. I could stop taking the pictures, yes..but I really believe one day she will be grateful that I took the time to capture some really great moments with her (and our) children that she didn't have time to (She DOES have 5 kids!)

Having a good camera is important, but it does NOT have to be expensive! This is the camera I have and use, it's only a 5mp, but the pics are terrific!

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