Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Beat the Heat with Nerf Supersoaker

Kids in Florida got out of school June 8th and since that we had 2 weeks of rain and now the heat! AHHH the heat 98 with a feeling of 103. My kids have been allowed outside while I keep a supply of ice pops and water on hand to make sure they stay cool. I also last year bought them 2 Supersoakers from Nerf. Wow the guns have come a long way! When I was little my cousin would come to FL from MA and we would play days on end with the supersoakers. I believe this is the first time nerf has been involved and they rock!

My sons, and daughter use them regularly.

Michael my obsessed bug child uses them to spray all the spiders in the pool area. My other sons Brian and Joshua, along with Buggy use them to shoot each other. All my kids were able to figure out how to use them without questions. Its a simple you fill the one end pull the other and spray. The stream is nice and strong and the guns seem to hold a lot of water. I found them on amazon for 14.99. They keep the family cool and help the summer go by. I would recommend them in all homes : ) even if you don't have kids they are fun to get friends, family, pets even watering your plants in a new way :-). I love the nerf supersoakers cant wait for the next line to come out.

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