Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have A Pickey Eater? Try this.

I have been fortunate not to have picky eaters my first son was for a little while but has got a lot better. I think the key was is I have always made them try everything even things I hate. I hate HATE fish yet all my kids will eat the daylights out of, I make them fish sticks and try to hide the fact that I wanna gag lol. I started them all early on new foods, I hate the veg's in chinese rice so I would feed it to them, now they love it.

I also do the your not leaving until you have one bite, which normally after the one bite they try to act like they hate it but don't wanna show it so I follow with oh just one more bite and then another, then its all gone. I also don't cave into much on when they want a snack or what have you cause its you get what you get I hate spending money and wasting the food. So I think this helps that they know I am not gonna buy them anything else so if they are hungry they will eat it.

I remember when Brian started liking a hamburger at mcdonalds which is way cheaper then chicken nuggets! That was a great day and a huge help to my wallet when I wanted to take them out for a quick meal. I don't know but I would say a big factor is just have your kid try everything and anything cause you might fine they like a lot more then even you would ever think to give them, which can save you money.

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