Thursday, July 12, 2012

Did you know Game Stop has a Warranty Program?

3 years ago when my oldest son turned 4, we gave him a Game Cube.

I really had NO idea what I was doing at the time, I just thought it would be fun for him to play, I didn't know I was setting myself up for a lifetime of games and game systems.

Like anyone knows, the largest brick and mortar retailer of video games is Game Stop. Since it was pretty hard to find Game Cube games new, we purchased A LOT of them used. I mean, we bought around 75 games in 2 years for my son.

Now, we have an Xbox 360, and though the games are sold new, with the warranty program from Game Stop I don't have to worry about them not working.

I WISH someone had told me about this back when I bought all the Game Cube games, I didn't hear about the warranty until about 6 months ago. You pay an additional $3.00 and the game is covered for 1 YEAR, and they will replace it for any reason (except breaking in half)

This is GREAT for me. Of the 75 games I purchased for the Game Cube, only about 30 still worked when I went to sell it after buying the Xbox, AND we went through 4 copies of Mario Kart ($20 each!!)

So far I have used the warranty replacement 3 times in 6 months for the Xbox, all 3 times the games were scratched (by my kids) and stopped working, I was much happier to pay the $3 than to replace the whole game.

Now if I could just find a warranty program for kids clothes, that would be perfect!

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