Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bras! 80% Of Women are wearing the WRONG Size!

I have worked at Hanesbrand for on again off again for 10 years now. I have learned a lot, biggest thing women are in denial, we are all at fault but some worse then others and your boobs can't take it. The average size is around 34, 36, and then 40, 42. You can tell if your bra is the wrong size by how it sits on you, if you have love handles on your bra the band is to tight. You should be able to lift your arms and your bra stays in place.
At Hanesbrand we carry the brands, Hanes ( Men, Women and Kids) Bali, Barely There, Wonderbra, JMS, Champion Sports Bras, and Playtex. Playtex and Bali are your full coverage bras, we carry wire and non wire. The Bali is well known for the Minimizer which reduce how you look in the cup by 1 inch and a half these bras start at a C cup and can go to a G. Most all the Playtex and Bali run to size 44DDD. The number is how big around you need and the letters are your cup size the high the letter the bigger the boobs. Bali and Playtex carry sizes up to 50G its a common thing we have at least 2 bras in G and then many options in DDD. The color code we use is Red is A, Yellow is B, Light Blue is C, Pink is D, Orange is DD, Dark Blue is DDD and finally White is G. this can help you find your bra a little faster when coming to our stores.
Barely There, Wonderbra and Hanes are for your smaller busted women, and make good started bras cause some start at a 32A. Barely There runs from 32A to 40D. Wonderbra 32A to 38D and a few 40D. Hanes 34A to 40D and a few DD's. Hanes bras you can find at Walmart and also Target which carry both Hanes Bras and Hanes Sports Bras. I am smaller chested and Love Barely There. The Barely There line, is soft and smooth, and feels like its "Barely There". Wonderbra is a line of Push Ups, there is gel, padded, 3 degrees of padding and other options as well. The Wonderbra you normally wanna go a size up then what you normally would wear cause they run small. Barely There is a average fit.

I love getting new moms in our store looking to buy a nursing bra, first advice DON'T. The nursing bra is just a waste of money in most cases if you do want and feel you have to have it make sure your baby is already here cause your boobs will grow in size when your milk comes in. I tried the nursing bra with my first son, it was a nightmare! you have to reach to the top of the bra while holding your child hope the clip snaps off with ease which half the time it doesn't then make sure your nipple is in that right spot fold down the flap that is covering the nipple and finally hope your child latches the first time or they move the bra starting the hole process over again! I got smart went to Walmart and bought the 3 pack Fruit of the Loom Sports bras, best thing ever! What I love about the sports pack is its 34, 36, 38 etc so you can buy these before and still use well after your child is born unlike a nursing bra. The sports bra being made for sports holds your boobs! your able to lift up the one side with ease it stays in place the other over the other boob and their you have it, simple and cheap.
At Hanesbrand we offer free bra fits, you should get a bra fit at least once a year, cause lets face it once we hit 30 our body's don't know what they wanna do. Its a simple process we take a tape measure throw it around your chest just under the boobs then over the top of your chest to get a average band size then we count from that how many over you are when we throw the band around the fullest part of your chest the whole process takes less then a minute. Then we ask ( we should ask ) what you like for bras, like I said before we have wire, non wire, padded, no padding, wide straps, thin straps etc. If your a bigger busted women it is best to go with a fuller wide strap bra the wider straps give better support and reduce the indents your normal thin strap would leave after a long day.
Padding and lightly lined another huge issue. Most women see a formed bra as in the bra looks like your boobs are already in it when hanging and assume its "PADDED" this is not the case. Most all bras are now coming with the formed cups, what this is, is a lightly lined bra that allows you to be cold and no one knows : ) it does not in anyway add to your cup size or make you look bigger. I suggest these bras often and most women end up buying a few. I love the reaction when you give a bigger busted women these bras they are like are you nuts but then they trust I know what I am talking about try them and fall in love, they also offer better support. They look horrible on hangers but somethings the ugliest bra on a hanger becomes a very needed new favorite once on. When you try a bra on which is always a good thing to do, if you have time, take the time to try your shirt on as well, this allows for you to really see the difference on how you look before and after.
So lets sum this all up, if your boobs are falling out on size you need a bigger band, if your bra comes up when you have arms up you need a bigger cup. All Hanesbrand offer free bra fits and every EVERY employee is trained on how to do so. It might take 1-2 tries before you have a right fit due to bra types as well as not getting that proper fit if the bra you have on is not doing a good job on putting you were your supposed to be. We carry the top brands of Bali, Playtex, Wonderbra, Hanes, Barely There. We also carry Mens, Kids, Womens Hanes underwear and socks. This link here will help you find a Hanesbrand near you! We have a all refunds accepted policy so if you have a receipt, along with the correct card you will get a full refund or you can exchange at any giving time for price it rings up as no questions asked, no time limit on returns.

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  1. I love this bra, it fits perfectly and very comfortable. Material is very soft would recommend it..