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7/30 #giveaway $40 to Celebrate Express Gigi's 7th Birthday!!!!! BirthdayExpress!!!! 40 pics

7/30 #giveaway $40 to Celebrate Express Gigi's 7th Birthday!!!!! BirthdayExpress!!!! 40 pics

Summer Clearance at Targets!

Paige went to Target and told me about a bunch of clearance they have in the toys. They have lots of different types of Nerf guns for 7-12 each! Zoobles for 2-3 each, xia xia crabs for 3 each! So if you have lots of kids and wanna get a early start on Christmas check out your local target. TargetClearance

Buggy's New Dress........ Oops!

Yeah I rarely RARELY buy anything new for my kids, and this dress I happened to buy Buggy cause it was on sale, well she grew into it and today was the first day I put on her.

Notice whats wrong???? Lol Paige noticed this when my daughter decided to jump up on the table. Yup totally didn't know there were bloomers with the dress and she wore it most the day like this. : )

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Taking Pictures

When I was 20 years old I got a job at Sears Portrait Studio in Boca Raton Fl., about 6 months later the manager quit and I was made the new manager.

I had 4 employees and a studio to run for $8 an hour! I guess back in the 90's, and being 20 that was descent pay, now I can't imagine doing the same job for the same money.

I was the manager of that studio for 2 years before moving on to Walmart and getting my own studio there (which was MUCH better by the way)

I have always loved to take pictures, I find it soothing and creative and I love that I can have something, a moment to treasure forever.

Casey, doesn't love my photography as much. Not her fault, I take A LOT of pictures, when we are out and I have my "good" camera on me I can take anywhere from 100-400 pictures in a day depending on how long my battery lasts.

I post alot of them to facebook and make Casey "Like" every one of them..why? Well I want to feel appreciated. I could stop taking the pictures, yes..but I really believe one day she will be grateful that I took the time to capture some really great moments with her (and our) children that she didn't have time to (She DOES have 5 kids!)

Having a good camera is important, but it does NOT have to be expensive! This is the camera I have and use, it's only a 5mp, but the pics are terrific!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment Review and Giveaway

My mother is a Psychic.

Yes, a psychic.

She has worked on crime cases, and she does private readings.

She has read over 600 books about Spirituality, Tarot, Mediumship, New Age..she still has every book.

So when I was contacted by Diane Wing the author of The True Nature of Tarot: Your path to personal empowerment, I jumped on the chance to let my mother review this book for you.

Here is what my mother (who is also a Diane, had to say)

I recently read 'The True Nature of Tarot" and have to say I loved it. As a psychic myself she gives information that I can 100% relate to, that I have experienced myself dealing with psychic energy, that I actually have not read anywhere else. It was very easy to read especially for people who are looking to increase their psychic skills with tarot cards or without using cards. I also love the description of each card on one page, it's a few paragraphs of description but it does not bog the reader down with too much information which makes it very easy to absorb. The way she does her tarot readings is also very creative and not like I have seen before. Overall a very good book that I will keep as a handy reference guide .

You can purchase the book on Amazon or on here.

You can follow Diane Wing on Twitter or Facebook.

Diane has generously offered one of my readers the chance to win her book (paperback or kindle version) Please enter using the rafflecopter form below, US residents only please, giveaway ends 8/7/12 at 12:01am

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Hayes Family Creations Candles Review and Giveaway

I have an obsession with candles. I know.

I am always searching for my new favorite candle, and one thing that I don't like, is scents that don't belong in a home, ok, well in a kitchen.

I mostly burn my candles in my dining room because that's where I am most of my day, on my laptop, so I love scents that smell like "food" rather than "perfume".

So when I was offered to review the Fruit Lovers Sampler Pack from the Etsy shop Hayes Family Creations I was super excited.

When my package arrived, I was so happy to get 6 scents that will go great in my kitchen. I received Apple, Peach, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Watermelon, Kiwi and Apple Cinnamon.

I decided to burn them one at a time, and after opening the first one i noticed the wax was very soft, like I could stick my finger into the jar and pull some out, this was nice for me, because it wasn't like a solid brick and made the scent VERY strong, once I lit the candle I realized the scent was not as strong being burned as not burned, but either way a very pleasant smell.

I burned all the candles, one at a time, I would say they each lasted about 8 hours which is not bad for the size they are.

Hayes Family Creations sells Jewelry as well, and very beautiful jewelry I might add. You can take a look at their Etsy shop Here. Hayes Family Creations has generously offered one of my readers the chance to win a fruit sampler pack just like the one I got! Please enter using the rafflecopter form below, contest open to those in the US only please and ends 8/4/12 at 12:01am

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Berties Umbrella Peach Candles Review and Giveaway

So i stumbled on this really cute Etsy shop called Bertie's Umbrella and the first things I saw were "Dirty Gnome Soap" and "Unicorn Farts Vegan Soap".

I can honestly say, these are some of the most unusual products I have ever heard of, and would make great gifts for some friends and family who like unusual things.

The Unicorn Farts Vegan Soap sells for a ridiculously low price of $4.00 and you might be wondering what the heck unicorn farts smell like, well it's a beautiful and magical scent of course!

A blend of Mango, Pink Sugar, Raspberry Sorbet, Coconut, Champagne Bubbles, Freesia, Tulip, and a hint of Musk. A delightfully girly scent.

This natural soap marbles in all the colors of the rainbow, beautiful and unique.

You'll receive 1 rustic bar of soap that weighs at least 3.5 oz.

This moisturizing soap contains no artificial lathering agents and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Ingredients : Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Soy bean protein (conditioner), Mica pigments, Fragrance Oil.

Your soap will be shipped to you in a padded fully biodegradable envelope.

The Dirty Gnome Soap retails for $5 and this adorable gnome is here to keep you clean. Made from vegetable based oils and other vegan friendly ingredients, this soap contains no artificial lathering agents and will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. This soap has added Shea nut butter for extra moisturizing.

This soap smells just like muddy dirt. You'll feel like you're out in the wilderness. A great gift for the gardener or outdoorsy one in your life. A lovely Earthy smell men and women will both enjoy.

This gnome is 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and weighs 4 ounces.

Great for hands or body.

Since I go for more practical items (though I must say, if I had been offered to review either of the soaps I would have JUMPED at the chance) I chose the Peachy Keen Soy Candle found here.

The candle is 4oz and comes in a cute tin with a lid, the scent is exactly that of a peach, not fake at all like most peach candles.

The Peachy Keen Candle burns for about 30 hours (I have had mine burning for abut 10 and I am no where near half)

Soy wax comes from a renewable source (soybeans) that are grown right here in the U.S. Soy wax burns clean and at low temperature and is easy to clean up with soap and water. When your delicious candle is all gone, simply remove any remaining wax ( wipe out with towell or melt and pour in trash, do not melt and pour into the sink....drains hate this) and clean with warm, soapy water and voila! you have a little tin to use for storing just about anything. Lining of the tin is food safe.

Berties Umbrella has generously offered one of my readers a Peachy Keen Candle of their very own! Please enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends 8/1/12 at 12:01am and is open to US residents.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

iLego Personalized T Shirt Review

When my son was offered the chance to review the Lego Ninjago shirt from the Etsy shop iLego he was more than excited! What I loved about the shirt (well, one thing) is that they are personalized but not in a way like "Hey, here is my kid's name" because the "personalization" is in the number 7 which is how old he is. Xander loves his shirt and wants to wear it everywhere!
The shirt is very soft, and cotton, and it's screen printed, not ironed on which means it will last as long as the shirt, we have already washed, and no problems!
I will say they run small, Xander normally wears a 10-12 which is a little big, but the 10-12 that I got from iLego is tight, so I would definitely order a size bigger.
iLego also has Star Wars shirts, which my son loves, but not nearly as much as Lego!
Shirts also come in adult sizes!

Bras! 80% Of Women are wearing the WRONG Size!

I have worked at Hanesbrand for on again off again for 10 years now. I have learned a lot, biggest thing women are in denial, we are all at fault but some worse then others and your boobs can't take it. The average size is around 34, 36, and then 40, 42. You can tell if your bra is the wrong size by how it sits on you, if you have love handles on your bra the band is to tight. You should be able to lift your arms and your bra stays in place.
At Hanesbrand we carry the brands, Hanes ( Men, Women and Kids) Bali, Barely There, Wonderbra, JMS, Champion Sports Bras, and Playtex. Playtex and Bali are your full coverage bras, we carry wire and non wire. The Bali is well known for the Minimizer which reduce how you look in the cup by 1 inch and a half these bras start at a C cup and can go to a G. Most all the Playtex and Bali run to size 44DDD. The number is how big around you need and the letters are your cup size the high the letter the bigger the boobs. Bali and Playtex carry sizes up to 50G its a common thing we have at least 2 bras in G and then many options in DDD. The color code we use is Red is A, Yellow is B, Light Blue is C, Pink is D, Orange is DD, Dark Blue is DDD and finally White is G. this can help you find your bra a little faster when coming to our stores.
Barely There, Wonderbra and Hanes are for your smaller busted women, and make good started bras cause some start at a 32A. Barely There runs from 32A to 40D. Wonderbra 32A to 38D and a few 40D. Hanes 34A to 40D and a few DD's. Hanes bras you can find at Walmart and also Target which carry both Hanes Bras and Hanes Sports Bras. I am smaller chested and Love Barely There. The Barely There line, is soft and smooth, and feels like its "Barely There". Wonderbra is a line of Push Ups, there is gel, padded, 3 degrees of padding and other options as well. The Wonderbra you normally wanna go a size up then what you normally would wear cause they run small. Barely There is a average fit.

I love getting new moms in our store looking to buy a nursing bra, first advice DON'T. The nursing bra is just a waste of money in most cases if you do want and feel you have to have it make sure your baby is already here cause your boobs will grow in size when your milk comes in. I tried the nursing bra with my first son, it was a nightmare! you have to reach to the top of the bra while holding your child hope the clip snaps off with ease which half the time it doesn't then make sure your nipple is in that right spot fold down the flap that is covering the nipple and finally hope your child latches the first time or they move the bra starting the hole process over again! I got smart went to Walmart and bought the 3 pack Fruit of the Loom Sports bras, best thing ever! What I love about the sports pack is its 34, 36, 38 etc so you can buy these before and still use well after your child is born unlike a nursing bra. The sports bra being made for sports holds your boobs! your able to lift up the one side with ease it stays in place the other over the other boob and their you have it, simple and cheap.
At Hanesbrand we offer free bra fits, you should get a bra fit at least once a year, cause lets face it once we hit 30 our body's don't know what they wanna do. Its a simple process we take a tape measure throw it around your chest just under the boobs then over the top of your chest to get a average band size then we count from that how many over you are when we throw the band around the fullest part of your chest the whole process takes less then a minute. Then we ask ( we should ask ) what you like for bras, like I said before we have wire, non wire, padded, no padding, wide straps, thin straps etc. If your a bigger busted women it is best to go with a fuller wide strap bra the wider straps give better support and reduce the indents your normal thin strap would leave after a long day.
Padding and lightly lined another huge issue. Most women see a formed bra as in the bra looks like your boobs are already in it when hanging and assume its "PADDED" this is not the case. Most all bras are now coming with the formed cups, what this is, is a lightly lined bra that allows you to be cold and no one knows : ) it does not in anyway add to your cup size or make you look bigger. I suggest these bras often and most women end up buying a few. I love the reaction when you give a bigger busted women these bras they are like are you nuts but then they trust I know what I am talking about try them and fall in love, they also offer better support. They look horrible on hangers but somethings the ugliest bra on a hanger becomes a very needed new favorite once on. When you try a bra on which is always a good thing to do, if you have time, take the time to try your shirt on as well, this allows for you to really see the difference on how you look before and after.
So lets sum this all up, if your boobs are falling out on size you need a bigger band, if your bra comes up when you have arms up you need a bigger cup. All Hanesbrand offer free bra fits and every EVERY employee is trained on how to do so. It might take 1-2 tries before you have a right fit due to bra types as well as not getting that proper fit if the bra you have on is not doing a good job on putting you were your supposed to be. We carry the top brands of Bali, Playtex, Wonderbra, Hanes, Barely There. We also carry Mens, Kids, Womens Hanes underwear and socks. This link here will help you find a Hanesbrand near you! We have a all refunds accepted policy so if you have a receipt, along with the correct card you will get a full refund or you can exchange at any giving time for price it rings up as no questions asked, no time limit on returns.

Have A Pickey Eater? Try this.

I have been fortunate not to have picky eaters my first son was for a little while but has got a lot better. I think the key was is I have always made them try everything even things I hate. I hate HATE fish yet all my kids will eat the daylights out of, I make them fish sticks and try to hide the fact that I wanna gag lol. I started them all early on new foods, I hate the veg's in chinese rice so I would feed it to them, now they love it.

I also do the your not leaving until you have one bite, which normally after the one bite they try to act like they hate it but don't wanna show it so I follow with oh just one more bite and then another, then its all gone. I also don't cave into much on when they want a snack or what have you cause its you get what you get I hate spending money and wasting the food. So I think this helps that they know I am not gonna buy them anything else so if they are hungry they will eat it.

I remember when Brian started liking a hamburger at mcdonalds which is way cheaper then chicken nuggets! That was a great day and a huge help to my wallet when I wanted to take them out for a quick meal. I don't know but I would say a big factor is just have your kid try everything and anything cause you might fine they like a lot more then even you would ever think to give them, which can save you money.

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Brave Toy Giveaway

Enter Here on Accidental Mommies Blog

Star Wars Costume Review and Giveaway

McDonald's Just In Case You Haven't Heard

During the Summer Kids meals are $1.99 Sunday and Tuesday, In Orange and Osceola County, Then Tuesday and Thursday in Polk County so check your local McDonald's to see if they have this great deal!

Also while talking about it did you know McDonald's offers coupon books for a dollar???? Inside you will find 12 free items! Its 1 coupon per kid. They come out for most major holidays, and seasons. You have to ask for the books, not all McDonald's carry them. They have 4 coupons x's 3 which are free apples, milk, ice cream cone and hamburger! So you buy 1 at a dollar and get 11 things free!

Paige turned me into the books and they have been a lifesaver, its great in the summer as well for the free ice cream!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Personalized Alligator Shirt and Giveaway

I received an awesome personalized alligator shirt for my daughter from Lesley and Rachel owners of B&G Threads. It started with me choosing a design which I went with the alligator because its different for a girl. The shirt from B&G Threads was sent in record time for being personalized. It came through USPS and was packaged in a nice white shipping envelope. I opened up the package, and saw a very cute shirt wrapped up in clear plastic gift wrap, tied with a pretty ribbon, string.
I was in a rush to open it cause I wanted to see how cute it was, and wow was it ever! When I had it personalized I went with Buggy : ) Lesley and Rachel did a awesome job on this shirt! She orders the shirts from a company called Monag, which didn't make a size 3t so my choices were 2 or 4. I choose the size 4 so I could enjoy the shirt longer.
My daughter loved it as well, she is saying its me!
The shirt is made of 100% cotton and washed great. Its a long sleeve white crew shirt. It really fit well the arms are long but my daughter is only 2.5 she was happy though she kept pulling the sleeves up.
In Lesley's store B&G Threads pretty much everything is $20 they have 3 things priced at $21, $22 and $25. They design toddler like clothing which most is personalized. I love their clothing and so does Buggy!
Lesley and Rachel of B&G Threads have offered to do a giveaway to one of our readers US residents only. The contest goes til July 29, 2012. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 16, 2012

Personalized Super Hero Shirts Review and Free Shipping Code

Casey and I both received personalized Superman shirts for our sons from Leah the owner of OneWildOat. We both whose the letter J (my son Riley is obsessed with Big Time Rush and one of the singers "James") I gave the shirt to Riley and his first reaction was why did I get him a shirt with 3 arrows? I kind of had to show him the "J" (after I found it!, its one of those trick shirts lol where you see either 3 arrows or a J) I have never seen a personalized shirt with superman logo and both of our sons love Superman so he was excited to have this shirt once he saw that it was a J he didn't want to take it off.

I was really happy with the quality, the shirts are extremely nice they are made of cotton and wash well. I love how soft they are and the color did not run and they did not shrink when washed. The boys now like to take pillow cases and run around like they are superman.
OneWildOat has shirts with a superman logo, customized Batman shirts with the child's name and then Adult shirts. All are priced from $15 to $30.

If you would like to purchase anything from the OneWildOat shop please use the code 7kidsandus to get FREE shipping!

TeLu Biscotti (and Gluten Free!) Review and Giveaway??

Try TeLu's delicious made-to-order biscotti. Using only the freshest ingredients TeLu uses unique flavor combinations to create a wonderfully delicious baked treat. We are lucky to be located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York State where there is an abundance of local farm products that are used in our biscotti. TeLu's family recipe would be a great accompaniment to your afternoon coffee or tea or just for a wonderful snack. Biscotti makes a wonderful gift as well for that special someone. All TeLu's many flavors can be made GLUTEN FREE as well!

I recently received two packages of biscotti to review from the Etsy shop TeLu when the packages arrived I was extremely happy because one of them was gluten-free. Since my son and my mother are both gluten-free this was really important to me. My mother has been gluten-free for as long as I can remember she has had celiac since before it was popular to have celiac.My mother has tried nearly every gluten-free product on the market.

When I gave her the biscotti to try she took one bite and was very happy, my mother is very cautious about gluten in her food because if she eats anything with even a hint of wheat or gluten she gets a severe stomach ache. The biscotti that was gluten-free was very soft and crumbly sort of like shortcake or shortbread the flavor was very mild, the one that she tried was a cherry walnut, but she hs several Gluten Free flavors to chose from including:

Pecan Caramel

White Chocolate Hazelnut



Double Chocolate

Cherry Almond

Cranberry Walnut

Espresso Chip

Mixed Fruit


I have to say that I am not a huge biscotti fan because I don't like to dip things in coffee. I have eaten biscotti, but I am very particular about what kind I eat because it's very crunchy if you do not dip it. Casey and I tried the biscotti together and upon taking a first bite of the double chocolate we both looked at each other and said "oh my god this is so GOOD!"

The regular biscotti had a very nice texture to it it was crumbly and crunchy but not overly crunchy like some biscotti that it didn't need to be dipped in coffee it was even soft enough for a four-year-old to eat and enjoy. Casey and I both tried the other flavors and we both agreed that the double chocolate was the best. I would definitely recommend this biscotti for anyone who likes sweets but nothing overly sweet I am not a big fan of sugar but this is perfect.

TeLu has generously offered to giveaway a package of her biscotti to one of my readers. Contest is open to US residents, please enter using the raffle copter form below giveaway ends 7/27/12 good luck

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Big Brother Frog T-Shirt and T Shirt Giveaway!

My son Michael is the 2nd child of 5 so he is very much a big brother. I was excited that I got an awesome bright green FROG BIG BROTHER TEE from REVOLUTION46R46. I love that it is 100% cotton, love the color and love that it has 2 things my son loves! Michael was in a rush to get the shirt on.
The shirt is a size Small and it fits him great. The color is extreme so he stands out in a crowd (Which with 5 kids, is REALLY important!) He loves the frog! Frogs are a huge part in Michael's life. He is a great big brother to his 2 sisters and brother. He is even a good little brother to his older brother Brian.
At REVOLUTION46R46 all shirts are custom made to order, they had infant to adult. Prices are from $16 to $32 most children shirts are $16 to $18. I love the quality of the shirt it washes extremely well, I have to wash his clothes often as Michael wants to wear pretty much only this shirt cause the frog : ) I also love the lady bug, the big sis/little sis tee's. There are so many tees to choose from big brother, names, logos, ninja's and more! I love REVOLUTION46R46 and will probably go back for a big sister tee, which seem hard to find. Joe the owner of REVOLUTION46R46 is offering a giveaway your choice of shirt! Offer is for US residents only, contest ends JULY 28 2O12. a Rafflecopter giveaway